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98: Dr. Ron Hulnick — The Keys to Improving the Experience of Your Life

By June 8, 2017Podcasts
Reading Time: 5 minutes
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Dr. H. Ron Hulnick is recognized as a pioneer and worldwide leader in the field of spiritual psychology. Together with his wife, Dr. Mary R. Hulnick, he serves as the University of Santa Monica’s Founding Faculty and Co-Director, designing USM’s extraordinary curriculum and facilitating their transformational graduate programs.

98: Dr. Ron HulnickIn 2011, Ron and Mary co-authored Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology, and it is now available in twelve countries and eight languages. With the launch of their online program, Ron and Mary have taken the teachings of spiritual psychology beyond the classroom and out into the world. Their highly successful courses inspired Ron and Mary’s latest book, Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living.

98: Dr. Ron HulnickDon’t miss this very special discussion between Andy Petranek and Dr. Ron Hulnick. You’ll learn what a spiritual psychologist does, how important it is to quickly and completely forgive yourself when you judge others, and how love is really all there is.

Listen for plenty of thought-provoking moments that could start you on or help you continue down your own path of personal growth and happiness.

Episode Bullets:

  • 7:55 — What does a spiritual psychologist do?
  • 11:03 — How does spiritual psychology relate to the Whole Life Challenge and how do we set ourselves up for confusion in life?
  • 13:00 — Where do you actually have experiences, and what are the implications of the answer?
  • 14:30 — Are you peaceful, or warlike? Are you sure?
  • 18:00 — Who decides how you feel?
  • 18:38 — What is “inner neutrality” and what can it do for me?
  • 19:04 — How can I use the skill of acceptance to improve my experience of life?
  • 19:38 — How does the right/wrong binary limit us?
  • 20:51 — How can we learn to be non-reactive?
  • 21:48 — What origin thinking do all religions share?
  • 23:08 — How do we keep from slipping back into reactivity?
  • 25:05 — Does acceptance and non-reactivity mean inaction and victim-hood?
  • 27:40 — How do self-worth and self-value determine life outcomes?
  • 32:20 — How you can demonstrate the physical effects of positive and negative mindsets for yourself
  • 33:53 — What is the link between self-esteem and physical healing?
  • 37:34 — How to strengthen your self-esteem
  • 38:33 — Discussion of Ron’s book, Healing the Light Within: a Course in Soul-Centered Living
  • 41:45 — What is the most important concept to understand about self-worth, and how can I start building it right now?
  • 43:07 — If the essence of the world is love, how can there be so much hate?
  • 44:43 — When did we get off track, and how can we get back on?
  • 48:45 — How does all of this play out in the “real world” and what is the “real world” anyway?
  • 55:00 — How can we reframe negative experiences in our world to promote non-reactivity and personal growth?
  • 57:00 — What is compassionate self-forgiveness, and how does it benefit us and the world at large?
  • 1:01:00 — What is the evolution of consciousness?
  • 1:05:26 — Isn’t this everything-is-love idea unrealistic? How the game Monopoly is a metaphor for life.
  • 1:12:49 — What are your daily practices, Dr. Hulnick? How do you express the ideas you’ve put forth in your books and this podcast in your own daily living?
  • 1:21:10 — What data do you keep track of about yourself, and how does it help you live a better life?
  • 1:28:20 — Ron’s advice to Andy (and maybe you, too!)


Andy Petranek Whole Life Challenge

P.S. If you only have five minutes, listen at 27:40 when Dr. Hulnick explains how essential a strong sense of self-worth is to all your pursuits.

BIG THANKS to Ron Hulnick! If you enjoyed this podcast, click here to thank him on Twitter.

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