Eat nutritious and healthy food.

Perhaps no change will alter your life as profoundly as changing what you eat.

At the Whole Life Challenge, we choose foods based on a single criteria—their ability to positively impact your health and well-being.

This means that we encourage you to eliminate processed foods from your life while adopting a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, good fats, and quality proteins.

For many people, this means removing added sugars and industrial oils (as well as most grains, dairy, and alcohol) from their diet while adding foods from natural sources.

We find that these choices, as applied to our own lives, have led to wonderful changes in energy level, body composition, and common health markers.

Simultaneously, we recognize that everyone comes to the Challenge from a different place, so we use 3 different nutrition levels so everyone can participate—

Kickstart, Lifestyle, and Performance. Each represents a different level of change, with Kickstart removing only the most inflammatory foods, Lifestyle adding additional restrictions, and Performance representing the most ideal choices for those with athletic goals or certain inflammatory conditions.

As you might suspect, you’ll want to choose a level that is sustainable for your current lifestyle, yet pushes you to make changes that you wouldn’t otherwise make. We’re looking for small steps in the right direction.

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Introducing the New 6-Week Meal Plan

For the first time ever, we have developed a FULL 6-week meal plan to accompany the Whole Life Challenge. This plan is designed to make not just choosing, but cooking your meals during the Challenge as simple as possible!