How to Play

Rules & Gameplay


The Rules of the Challenge are simple — every day for 8 weeks, you’ll score yourself on each of the 7 Daily Habits:

  • NutritionNUTRITION — Eat nutritious, healthy foods from your food list
  • ExerciseEXERCISE — Be active 10 minutes a day
  • MobilizationMOBILIZATION — Stretch for 10 minutes a day
  • SLEEPSLEEP — Sleep for a duration you select, one that leaves you feeling rested
  • HYDRATIONHYDRATION — Drink ounces of water equal to your bodyweight (in pounds) ÷ 3
  • LIFESTYLELIFESTYLE — Learn weekly practices to help you feel happier & more connected
  • REFLECTIONREFLECTION — At the end of each day, write briefly about how the day went

The habits are scored according to the following:

  • Each habit is worth 5 points, giving you a total daily score of up to 35 points.
  • For every habit but Nutrition, you’ll receive 5 points for completing the habit (0 points if you don’t.)
  • For Nutrition, you’ll begin each day with 5 points, losing 1 point for each serving of non-compliant food you eat.


Gameplay is easy. Simply enter your score via the WLC WebsiteiOS App, or the Android App.

Download our app:



To enter your score, just visit your preferred platform and:

  1. Check the box for the exercise, mobilization, sleep, hydration, and lifestyle habits (if you completed them)
  2. Enter your nutrition score (1-5)
  3. Write your reflection
  4. Click “Save Score” once you’re done.

The next time you visit the Challenge, your score will be shown for the day, along with your rank on your team leaderboard (if you’ve joined a team).  After a few days, you’ll be able to see your progress over time as well.

On the first and last day of the Challenge, you’ll fill out a self-assessment survey, along with at least one measure of your progress — a workout, a series of body measurements, or before-and-after photos.  These activities are optional, but will allow you to see how far you’ve come over the course of the Challenge.

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