Drink ounces of water equal to your bodyweight (in pounds) ÷ 3.

There is no simpler way to improve your health than to increase your water intake.

After only a few days, joints become less inflamed, calories are processed more efficiently, digestion improves, and essential life processes carry on as they should — leaving you feeling energetic and vital. Skin tone improves, and hair becomes less brittle.

While there is some debate about how much water is enough, it is undeniable that most of us don’t drink as much as we should.

Instead choosing caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and foods that leave us vulnerable to dehydration.

The Whole Life Challenge prescription helps reverse this.

Increasing your water intake while representing an achievable amount of drinking — for most, a full glass of water upon waking, after exercise, and during each of your three daily meals is more than enough to meet your daily need.

Are You Dehydrated?

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