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97: John Durant — The Past Leads the Way Forward

By June 3, 2017Podcasts
Reading Time: 4 minutes
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John Durant is the author of The Paleo Manifesto and co-author of Spartan Fit! with Joe De Sena, founder of the Spartan races. He is also the founder of Wild Ventures, an angel syndicate focused on consumer health products and technology. He advises Thrive Market, Exo, AOBiome, Greatist, Brilliant Bicycles, Hu Kitchen, and Power Supply.

John DurantJohn studied evolutionary psychology at Harvard under Steven Pinker before moving to New York City and becoming a “professional caveman” — mimicking a hunter-gatherer diet, running barefoot through Central Park, experimenting with intermittent fasting, and doing polar bear swims in the Atlantic.

He has been featured in The New York Times and The New Yorker, interviewed on The Colbert Report and NPR Morning Edition, and has been rated one of The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness. Prior to becoming a professional caveman, he spent three and a half years at an ad tech startup after a stint in management consulting.

In this podcast, we talk about what happens when you feed gorillas food they were never meant to eat, why bending the nutrition rules is recommended, the proven benefits of intermittent fasting and whether you should try it, how having fun is the best motivation to exercise, and how to get started with an evolutionary diet.

Join us for a fascinating conversation with John Durant that could change the way you think about food and feel about exercise.

Episode Bullets:

  • 8:00 — What happens when you feed gorillas “human” food?
  • 13:40 — How well lions responded to intermittent fasting
  • 16:20 — The biological changes the Neolithic revolution produced in humans
  • 21:25 — What other changes did settled living bring on for early man?
  • 22:50 — Was prayer the beginning of hygiene, and religion the beginning of health consciousness?
  • 41:58 — What can we learn from what we still share biologically with early man?
  • 44:00 — Why John trusts the nutrition lessons of the past
  • 46:40 — Why you shouldn’t sweat bending the [nutrition] rules!
  • 47:30 — The benefits of intermittent fasting you may be missing out on
  • 53:08 — Caveats you should consider before fasting
  • 57:20 — How John made his exercise fun (again)
  • 1:03:55 — How we lost the power of purpose in our exercise, and how to get it back.
  • 1:07:27 — Can healthful movement be made as addictive as your phone?
  • 1:10:47 — Ways to “try on” an evolutionary diet
  • 1:18:20 — The bone broth experiment that almost cost John his apartment


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P.S. If you only have five minutes, listen at 57:20 when John confesses that he just isn’t that into exercise, and why he’s okay with that.

BIG THANKS to John Durant! If you enjoyed this podcast, click here to thank him on Twitter.

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