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96: Robb Wolf — How We’re “Wired to Eat”

By May 26, 2017Podcasts
Reading Time: 4 minutes
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What if your urge to eat was just as understandable as your urge to save yourself from drowning? How would that affect your feelings of guilt, your self-talk, and the way you think about your relationship to food?

Robb WolfThe processed food industry develops hundreds, if not thousands, of new, ever-more-palatable concoctions every year. Each one is designed to play on your urge to survive in order to make you want more and more.

Robb Wolf, renowned paleo diet researcher and proponent, has written a new book called Wired to Eat that addresses the unfortunate ease with which we can be preyed upon to consume more and more hyperpalatable foods.

The good news? It is not your fault. The bad news? Knowing and acting on this information are two different things.

That is why Robb wrote the book — to outline his method for helping you customize your diet based on the unique and individual responses your body has to the foods that you eat. By going through this process, you’ll learn to make smarter food choices in just about every situation.

Episode Bullets:

  • 8:30 — Paleo as a guideline, not dogma
  • 14:12 — Robb and Nicki’s blood glucose (BG) experiment
  • 16:10 — The individuality of BG levels
  • 19:44 — BG testing protocol
  • 20:54 — Neuroregulation of appetite and letting go of guilt around eating
  • 22:35 — OFS (Optimum Foraging Strategy)
  • 24:30 — The Hadza, and eating two to three pounds of honey at a sitting
  • 26:00 — The M&M proximity study and its implications
  • 30:05 — The omnivore’s real dilemma
  • 31:10 — Why is there always room for dessert?
  • 35:10 — Seven-day carb test, take two
  • 36:45 — The dawn phenomenon
  • 40:30— WellnessFX and blood testing to establish a baseline
  • 44:07 — Cinnamon and vinegar for mitigating BG response
  • 44:52 — Potential effects on BG of adding fat to carbohydrate meals
  • 49:00 — BG response is highly complex and personal
  • 52:50 — The 4 pillars of health
  • 56:52 — Fasting and inflammation
  • 1:04:03 — Listener question on the paleo nutrition and serum cholesterol


Andy Petranek Whole Life Challenge

P.S. If you only have five minutes, listen at 20:54 when Robb talks about how the neuroregulation of appetite is as strong as the urge to save yourself from drowning — why that means you should let go of the guilt around eating.

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Episode Resources:
Man v Food Kitchen Sink Challenge (ice cream eating video Robb talked about)
Hadza people — Wikipedia
Proximity effect study
Blood glucose information — Wikipedia — John Durant
Zone Diet — Barry Sears
Calorie Restriction and Aging
The 4 Pillars of Health
Blood Glucose and Blood Lipids — WLC Phase 3 Assessment
What You Need to Know About the Glycemic Index
Your Body’s Hormonal Response to Food
Wired to Eat

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