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Don’t Be Manipulated: Question the Words on Your Food

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Language is a huge, but often unrecognized influence in our lives. Words have so much back story, it is often hard to engage in any dialogue without meanings presenting themselves that were never our intention. This can also be said for words used to describe food. Many times specific words are used by companies to portray a meaning that is not necessarily truthful, but may entice you to buy something.

Open your mind to the “story” you have around food and the words that describe food. Examine this narrative and see if your life outcome could change with changes in your use of language.

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For many of us these sorts of changes can be profound and freeing. But sadly, due to the autopilot of everyday life, we become less aware of the internal dialogue we are having and we don’t stop to question what words really mean and why each word is being used.

This exercise of paying attention to language — and specifically, the words on your food — helps open our minds to the power of words and their effects on us and our community. Instead of having words manipulated against us, we can use them to empower ourselves and our food choices.

Further “food” for thought: Consider that the words we use when we talk about ourselves hold the same powerful back story as those companies use to describe food.

PaleoBOSS Lady (PBL) has a Master of Art in Psychology with a focus on community. She considers herself a miracle since self-healing from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2012. Through conscious living PBL has overcome the odds and kicks MS to the curb everyday. PBL is 100% Italian, from Philadelphia, and born under the sign of Taurus - earning her the title of BOSS.

PaleoBOSS Lady proudly sits on the Board of Directors of The Wahls Foundation supporting the efforts of Dr. Terry Wahls who has had successful clinical trials healing autoimmune disorders using food based Paleo principles. In addition PBL co-wrote the training program for The Wahls Coaching Program with Dr. Terry Wahls and is a member of The Wahls Team creating worldwide change in healthcare.