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44: Julianne Jordan – The Perfect Pitch of Career and Personal

By March 17, 2016Podcasts
Reading Time: 6 minutes
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I’ve been experimenting with the concept of “minimum effective dose” (from Tim Ferris’ book The 4-Hour Body) as it applies to food. Here’s my question: what is the smallest amount of food I can eat each day and still maintain my weight, energy levels, performance, satiation, mental clarity, and satisfaction with life? The rub is that I love to eat and have a lot of habits around food that make this a daunting task.

Since I’m not a big fan tracking things by the numbers when it comes to food, I’m not doing this scientifically or logging daily numbers of calories, noting macronutrient levels, or weighing and measuring. Rather, I’m doing this subjectively on a day-by-day basis. On days when I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m not, I don’t. Simple.

Experimenting has become part of my personal ethos — maintaining a growth mindset and not getting upset when I get a result that isn’t what I wanted or expected. (For more on this, check out Mindset by Carol Deweck). This approach means there is no “failing” or mistakes. My experiment all goes toward growing, learning, and understanding. Onward and upward. I will keep you posted on my progress!

Ever wonder what goes into creating an ominous tone in a scary thriller or finding the best song to fit that classic scene from your favorite movie? This is the job of a music supervisor, and on this week’s podcast we have one of the best in the business in Julianne Jordan. Her work requires creativity and flexibility, yet she manages the whirlwind through a balanced lifestyle of yoga and trust in your intuition. Here’s her story.

Julianne Jordan: The Perfect Pitch of Career and Personal

Andy Petranek and Julianne JordanWe’re joined today by Julianne Jordan. Though not a household name, as far as music in movies are concerned, they don’t get any bigger or better than Julianne! While taking meetings with Hollywood’s most sought-after directors, collaborating with the finest musicians in the world, and having a creative voice in major motion pictures, she is able to stick to a grounded approach thanks to her roots and centered lifestyle. As one of the most sought-after music supervisors in the business, Julianne’s work is incredibly diverse — musical comedies like Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, action blockbusters like Edge of Tomorrow, and just about anything in between.

What makes Julianne’s musical background so cool is that it didn’t start in the entertainment business, but with her parents wanting her and her sister to select an instrument in elementary school. First the violin, then the viola, and she was locked in — loving the central location of her stringed instrument in the orchestra, which allowed her to really listen to the sounds around her, rather than waiting for her next part. This, combined with growing up on a 200-acre farm in upstate New York — full of chickens, pigs, and wide open spaces — makes for a truly unique story. Her small-town upbringing left an impression on her, though her eyes were always looking toward the city.

Staying level-headed and flexible can be daunting in a field with such intense demands and uncertainty, but Julianne’s commitment to her yoga and self-awareness practice has helped her create a foundation that serves her in all aspects of her life. Case in point — she listened to her body and followed her instincts, insisting on getting her doctor to check her out for a seemingly minor body ache, leading to an early detection of cancer (that would have otherwise gone unnoticed) and subsequent successful treatment. Julianne’s professional and personal story is a testament to why you should trust your gut and follow your intuition.

Be sure to check out the upcoming 3D animated feature “Trolls,” and be on the lookout for her latest collaboration with director Doug Liman in “Mena.”

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Show Notes:

  • Julianne’s classical music introduction as early as fifth grade.
  • Because of the orchestra seating chart, Julianne’s instrument gave her the ability to have a keen awareness of the melodies going on around her.
  • Being a counselor at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute was a life changing experience to be around kids with such passion and drive for music.
  • The musical influence her parents had on the family from the beginning.
  • Despite a poor high school music program, Julianne found ways to thrive.
  • Life in upstate New York on a 200-acre farm, and the way her upbringing grounds her in a fast-paced industry.
  • A glimpse into the daily routine of motion picture music supervision.
  • The difference between music supervision and composing the film’s score.
  • Subliminal music a supervisor would catch that the average movie-goer would never notice.
  • The creative expression versus cost management dynamic of music supervision.
  • Sitting with Chris Martin at a Bruce Springsteen concert.
  • Working with Justin Timberlake on Trolls (2016).
  • The role of a music supervisor in a score-heavy film.
  • The differences between working on a project like Edge of Tomorrow (2014) and Pitch Perfect (2012).
  • How Julianne has learned to maintain balance through perspective of the bigger picture, and not getting bogged down in the bubble.
  • Keeping yoga as a constant for sixteen years has been pivotal to Julianne’s sense of balance.
  • By having heightened body awareness from yoga, Julianne was able to pinpoint a serious medical condition that saved her life.
  • Julianne credits combining the stretching effects of yoga with intense fitness workouts to maintain a healthy routine each week.
  • Trusting your intuition.

Links Mentioned:

Barry’s Bootcamp– High-intensity workouts combining cardio and strength training.
Orangetheory – Interval training program focused on post-exercise oxygen consumption.
Yoga styles – A beginner’s guide to different yoga styles, including flow.
Cardio Barre – High energy aerobic style workouts, with a ballet barre twist.
Big Brothers Big Sisters – Mentorship program pairing kids with adults to create meaningful influences.
BUTI – Internationally renowned summer music program at Boston University, established in 1966.
Viola vs. Violin – The differences between two instruments of the same family.
Trolls (2016) – Upcoming film based on the Trolls toy franchise.
Pitch Perfect (2012) – Musical comedy film featuring an ensemble cast and hit songs.
Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) – The hit sequel.
Chris Martin – Lead singer of the band Coldplay.
Bruce Springsteen – American rock icon.
Justin Timberlake – Multi-hyphenate singer/songwriter, actor, producer.
Sia Furler – Songwriter who penned the song Flashlight for the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack.
Sam Smith – Hit singer/songwriter who co-wrote Flashlight.
Flashlight – Performed by Jessie J.
Doug Liman – Blockbuster movie director.
Eric Copeland – Experimental musician based in New York.
Format Entertainment – Music supervision for some of the largest motion pictures and TV shows.
Julianne Jordan – List of film and television credits on her IMDB page.

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