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How to Breathe for Quick and Simple Stress Relief

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Welcome to our six-part breathing technique series. Each of these videos is only two to three minutes in length. In each, we share a simple, but powerful breathing exercise. By bringing an awareness to your breathing, you can take charge of your body, energy, and life.

Simple Breathing for Simple Stress Relief

In this video, we begin developing our breathing awareness by first sitting in a simple position and practicing good posture. We will then inhale and exhale through the nose to help our body switch to using the parasympathetic nervous system. This will bring us stress relief and help us recharge, relax, and rebuild.

Most of us spend far too much of the day in “stress” mode and this simple breathing can help reset our mind and body. You can practice this simple stress relief tool any time of day.

We know that your health depends as much on your mental state as it does on what you eat and how you exercise. The Whole Life Challenge helps build techniques for your personal well-being into the fabric of your health routines.

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Anela Lineham
Anela is an Intuitive Women’s Health Expert. She is a motion/breathwork master and expert in women's health with a focus on the biochemical, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a woman’s wellbeing.

She is the co-owner Human Garage and has studied under masters of NAAM, Kundalini, and Vinyasa Yoga for over thirty years. Anela leads dedicated workshops on the importance of the mind/body balance and how your biochemistry plays an integral role in your mood and energy levels, along with your mindset.