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HERO Movement Mindful Mobility Follow Along: Week 3

By April 25, 2018Mobility and Yoga
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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Welcome to this six-week series brought to you exclusively by Whole Life Challenge in partnership with HERO Movement. Each week, Luke Jones will take you through a brand-new video. These practices are optional and are simply one of the many ways you can accomplish your ten daily minutes of mobility.

HERO Movement Mindful Mobility Week 3: The Extremities (Elbows, Wrists, and Ankles)

Let’s show our extremities some love. Because our hands, wrists, elbows, ankles, and feet undergo a whole lot of load in an average day. Gripping, typing, lifting, balancing, walking, etc.

But even if you already have a regular mobility or movement practice, chances are your extremities are fairly low down the list of priorities, making way for the more glamorous hips and shoulders. So, today, we’re bringing attention to those outer limbs — freeing up restrictions, introducing new patterns, getting the blood flowing, and building coordination and end-range strength.

Please note: while most movements in this series are low impact and can be adjusted for more suitable variations, remember to listen to your body and pause if something doesn’t feel right.


  • Wrist flexion, extension and deviation x 8-10
  • Extended wrist flexion, extension, and deviation x 8-10
  • Elbow pit extensions x 8-10
  • Finger lift strengthener x 8-10
  • Ankle flexion and extension x 8-10
  • Ankle inversion and eversion x 8-10
  • Loaded ankle flexion and extension x 8-10
  • Loaded inversion and eversion x 8-10
  • Loaded ankle rotations x 8-10
  • Toes raises + crunches x 8-10
  • Alternate toe raises x 8-10

Healthy Habit Homework:

Have a play with the two strengthening exercises we looked at: the finger lifts and the toe lifts. Alongside those two, try to bring your attention to your arches during everyday life, doing your best to keep them lifted whenever you can.

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones is a Movement Coach, Wellness Enthusiast, Online Content Creator, and the Founder of HERO Movement.

Through articles, videos, courses, and online coaching, his big goal is to help people discover freedom of movement and create lives filled with well-being and adventure.

As a long-time martial arts practitioner, qualified nutritionist, and personal trainer, Luke explores and shares a unique blend of functional mobility, mindfulness, breathwork, and healthy habit forming (finished with a dusting of wanderlust).

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