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WLC Mission: Honey-Do-It-Yourself

By August 31, 2017Missions
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WLC Mission is a weekly challenge, meant to improve your life by disrupting your day-to-day routine — taking you out of your comfort zone, asking you to try something new, and challenging you to become a more complete person. Never easy, you can consider the Mission an advanced experiment in personal wellness, with you as the star.

This Week’s Mission: Honey-Do-It-Yourself

The Idea

This week’s mission is to get the little things done so your bigger experience of life improves. You’re going to look at your list of household chores and accomplish at least one (but probably more because it’s going to feel so good).

The Payoff

I have a lot of lists. Grocery lists. Idea lists. And that one list on the inside door of the cupboard door that details all the “little” things that need to get done around our home.

Like hanging a hook for my keys. Like sorting through the mysterious bin underneath the bed. Like dropping off a bag of clothes at the donation center. Like trimming that one branch off the tree in the yard.

We think that the little things are little, but in fact, their cumulative and daily weight on us becomes very big. Every time I open the cupboard and see my list, I get a bit annoyed with myself. Maybe that tree branch that needs trimming does that to you each time you look out the window.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way.

Because, in truth, the little things are not so hard to do but somehow it’s their ease that makes them so hard. We can get them done at any time, right? No need to do them now. There are bigger, more important things to handle. And so, the “little” things never get done. And we go months without a hook for our keys and trip on that bag of clothes every morning.

It’s like we think that list is for someone else out there a “honey do” list for the universe, but not actually for us.

This week’s Mission is about turning that list into a “honey-do-it-yourself” agenda, taking back that energy from the universe, and re-injecting it into our lives. It’s about creating a smoother, more enjoyable experience of life in every moment of your day.

New Call-to-action

The Parameters

Whether your list is physical or mental, you’ve likely got one. Take a look at your list and pick something super small and ultra-easy:

  • Clean that shelf in the pantry.
  • Fix that broken hinge.
  • Hang the bird-feeder.
  • Hang the key hook.
  • Repot that plant.
  • Put that photograph in a frame.
  • (And, seriously, just go trim the tree branch.)

Get one thing done. Then, do another thing tomorrow. Pick the low hanging fruit on that list and do it yourself. Then cross it off your list when it’s done. Your prime directive this week is to create momentum through small actions.

The Scoring

This WLC Mission isn’t scored. To complete it, you just need to do one thing on your list this week. Consider that single action to be your first shove on a big rock. It’s likely that when you feel that rock budge, you’re going to want to keep pushing and do more things on your list.

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Becca Borawski Jenkins
Becca earned her MFA in Cinema-Television Production at USC’s famed film school, and her first career was as a music editor. Becca found her way to career number two through martial arts. She trained in BJJ and muay Thai and worked with professional MMA fighters, building websites, organizing fight promotions, and producing videos.

In 2005, she became a student at CrossFit Los Angeles where she met WLC co-founders Andy Petranek and Michael Stanwyck. In only a couple years, she became CrossFit Level III Certified, left her entertainment career, and dedicated herself full time to coaching, serving as the Program Director of CFLA and founder of the CFLA CrossFit Kids program. After seven years as a music editor and then eight years as fitness instructor, Becca segued to her current career — full-time editor and writer.