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What If Getting Older Can Also Make You Healthier?

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Today we’re talking about everyone’s favorite topic — aging. We’re all getting older, whether we like it or not. It’s not necessarily a good or bad thing. It’s just something we all have to deal with when it comes to our fitness and wellness.

One thing that can help us immensely when it comes to aging is our perspective. So many cultural influences tell us to “fight” aging and make us feel that looking older is “wrong.” In truth, aging bestows us with many gifts, including wisdom. This wisdom can help us shift our perspective from how we look to how we feel.

Ironically, if we focus on a state of feeling — working toward listening to our bodies, hearts, and minds and doing what’s best for them — then we end up looking better, too. Healthy, happy people have a grace and flow to them that no beauty product can provide.

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Eric Stevens
For the past seventeen years, Eric Stevens has established himself as a leading fitness professional, consultant, writer, presenter, and television personality. Currently, Eric is the Fitness and Membership Director for the Allegria Spa & Club at Park Hyatt in Avon, Colorado.

In addition to his extensive fitness experience, having managed, coached, and trained in the private health club and non-profit industries, Eric has been a long-time instructor of Western boxing, most recently as boxing coach for the Denver Athletic Club. In 2011, Eric was selected to serve as a trainer in the nationally televised series I Used to Be Fat on MTV. Eric is also a published author and regular contributor to Breaking Muscle, Muscle & Performance, and Whole Life Challenge.

Eric is originally from Portland, Oregon and is a graduate of the University of San Diego. Since 2003, Eric has been a nationally certified personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).