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The Kettlebell Swing for Beginners: A Simple and Safe How-To

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This video will walk you through a simple sequence to learn the kettlebell swing. If you’re just getting started with the swing, these movements are great tools to help you along your way to being able to safely and effectively perform the full kettlebell swing. Each move builds upon the next until you are doing the complete exercise. In the video, you’ll see me perform each part of the sequence and I’ll explain how to do it in detail.

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The great thing about this series is that it takes something that might look to be a complicated or intimidating movement and breaks it down into very do-able and safe parts. And if you’ve never swung a kettlebell before, then this learning sequence is a great workout in and of itself. So, grab a kettlebell and join me!

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Brandon Hofer
After his first experience with a yoga DVD borrowed from the local library, Brandon was hooked. Combined with his discovery of kettlebells, he had finally found the perfect balance between strength training and yoga practice, and is more than happy to spread the word and help others discover the same foundation for living strong and enjoying more confidence and happiness.

Brandon is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, kettlebell enthusiast, father, husband, and defender of the Kaizen way of life and health. He lives in Beaverton, Oregon with his lovely wife Marisa and their two daughters, where he helps clients recover from weakness, injuries, surgeries, accidents, and chronic medical conditions by holistically blending various styles of kettlebell training, bodyweight exercises, yoga, along with meal plans that nourish and sustain you from the inside out. You can learn more by visiting his website, The Kaizen Way.