How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Whole Life Challenge

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  • January 8, 2018
Prepare Your Kitchen

The only thing that sabotages a great nutrition plan faster than the twin temptations of sugar and bread: a lack of the right foods, close at hand.

Let’s prevent that.

Below, seven tasks you can perform in the next seven days to ensure you’ll always have compliant, healthy food ready to go (while facing as little temptation as possible).

Go through the steps one at a time, and by the end of the week, you’ll be ready to tackle the Whole Life Challenge’s Nutrition and Hydration Habits.

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Prepare Your Kitchen: 7 Steps

  1. Set aside an hour, and clean your kitchen. After you get done with the dirty dishes, counters, and oven top, go a step further than usual. Find the kitchen basics you’ll use during the Challenge (and if necessary, organize them). If you’re doing your own cooking (which is the best way to ensure compliance with your chosen Nutrition Level), you’ll want to make sure you have a cutting board, a sharp chef’s knife, and a clear work surface available.
  2. Go through the cabinets and the refrigerator. We’re searching for food that will make it hard for you to stay compliant. During this process, make sure you don’t fall prey to the idea that you can look at Oreos every day and not eat them. Temptation is a strong enemy, and you don’t want to fight during the Challenge. Put every non-compliant food you find on your newly cleaned countertops, and then throw away or donate the non-compliant foodstuffs.
  3. Buy some Pyrex containers and a box of Ziplock bags. The hardest place to stay compliant: outside your house. Having an ample supply of containers will ensure you always have what you need to bring your food with you (and it doesn’t spill inside your briefcase, purse, or backpack).
  4. Grab a water bottle, and put two or three rubber bands around it. Every time you drink a full bottle, take one of the bands off or slide it to the top of the bottle. This is a great system for making sure you meet the WLC hydration prescription (drink 1/3 of your bodyweight in ounces every day, e.g. a 180lb male would drink 60oz per day). Using the bands, you won’t lose track of your intake.
  5. Print the Compliant Foods List for Your Nutrition Level and a create shopping list. First, choose your personal staples from the list: your favorite proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts/fats, grains, and sweeteners. Then write them down, and decide how much of each you’ll need to purchase to get through your week. Be sure to record quantities (which may vary depending on how often you’ll go shopping).
  6. Grocery shop for the Challenge. Take your shopping list and purchase the food you’ll need. This is super important—knowing what you need to eat is only useful if you have enough of it on-hand at all times.
  7. Spend a couple hours on food preparation for the week ahead. Cook some of your protein and prepare your fruit, vegetables, and fats so they’re easily transportable. Divide up meal-size portions and put them in storage containers. For a crash-course in healthy meal preparedness, check out our 8-part Home Cooking Boot Camp Series. When you have plenty of food ready to go, you’ll never be stuck going to a restaurant or fast food joint trying to make it work with substandard fare.

Schedule yourself a few days to get everything done (with a week being ample time to fully prep your kitchen). Do one task every day for seven days, and you’ll be ready to tackle the Challenge.

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Jon Gilson
Jon Gilson heads up marketing for the Whole Life Challenge. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife. Follow Jon on Instagram.
  • Supersly

    Those tips are nice for someone who maybe lives alone or has room mates … I have 3 little kids and a spouse who are not doing the challenge…and I am not sure I want my kids to know about it. It would be great to share some tips for folks in the same boat. There is going to be bread. And treats.

    • Muffie Alejandro

      So I just cook for my husband the way I eat and he has to go along for the ride. Ask your wife handle sandwich making and the treats but it can’t hurt them to eat like you do. Just don’t
      spell it out.

    • Peter Haas

      Modify #2
      Instead of getting rid of the non-compliant foods that your family eats, designate spaces for those foods. Move things around in your kitchen/pantry to segregate compliant from non-compliant foods.

      And tell them Daddy is trying to be healthier. I assume you are doing the Challenge for positive reasons; share that with them. It’s not just about eating, you can set a good example by exercising and getting enough sleep.

      What difficulties are you picturing for the other tips?

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  • Lane Hatfield

    Help me understand something that made it hard for me to succeed on my first week of the challenge (my first challenge was the one in May). Everyone says prep for the week is vital. And everyone describes doing it over the weekend. So why do challenges start on Saturday???

    • Becca Borawski Jenkins

      Hi Lane — Getting ready during the week can indeed be challenging, that’s why in this article we suggest you take a full 7 days to do these 7 tasks, so that none of the steps feels huge, yet you’re still fully prepared for the Challenge to start!

  • Sher King

    We literally divide up the pantry carb vs. compliant – it works mostly mommy and daddy have one side… Good on you getting going- my son still has buns on burgers but occasionally he has it wrapped in lettuce like his parents :)

    • Becca Borawski Jenkins

      It’s great that you are modeling healthy choices for your son!

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