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MovNat Follow Along Mobility Practice: Week 7

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Welcome to this eight-week video series brought to you exclusively by Whole Life Challenge in partnership with MovNat. Each week, coach Danny Clark will teach you new movements designed to increase your mobility. These practices are optional and are simply one of the many ways you can accomplish your ten daily minutes of mobility.

MovNat stands for “moving naturally.” Therefore, what we’ll be doing over the coming weeks is developing our mobility through a variety of movements the human body was designed to perform.

Some of these movements may be challenging to you, but through practice you will not only increase your mobility, but also build coordination, stability, and strength. Not to mention, natural movement feels good to your body — and is generally more fun.

Note: The movements in these videos can be adjusted to all fitness levels and body types, and I’ll demonstrate how. But remember to listen to your body and back off if something doesn’t feel right.

MovNat Follow Along Mobility Practice: Week 7

  1. Breathing in Cross Sit — 3 breaths
  2. Bent Sit — 3 breaths
  3. Tripod Transition — 3/side
  4. Forward/Backward Scoot — 2/direction
  5. Forward/Backward Long Sit Locomotion — 2/direction
  6. Forward/Backward Open Sit Locomotion — 2/direction
  7. Side Bent Sit to Split Tall Kneeling Transition — 3/side
  8. Breathing in Open Long Sit — 3 breaths
  9. Open Long Sit Side Reaching — 2 breaths/side
  10. Deep Squat to Stand — 1
  11. Side Stepping Over — 2/side
  12. Side Stepping Under — 2/side
  13. Breathing in Wall Standing Position — 3 breaths
  14. Breathing in Wall Standing with Overhead Reach — 5 breaths
  15. Dead Side Hang — 3 breaths
  16. Side Swinging Dead Hang — 5/side
  17. Front Hang — 2 breaths/side
  18. Deep Squat to Flexed Foot Kneeling — 1
  19. Flexed Foot Kneeling with Flexing and Reaching — 10 breaths
  20. Open Long Sit to Half Deep Squat Transition — 2/side
  21. Breathing in Cross Sit — 3 breaths


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Danny Clark
Danny Clark, CSCS is the Curriculum Director for MovNat, a method for restoring Natural Movement and human physical competence. As a former D1 wrestler and world medalist grappler, Danny experienced both the highs of elite level athletic performance and the lows of pain and discomfort associated with pushing his body too hard.

Danny firmly believes in the power of Natural Movement to find that elusive balance of performance, sustainability, and deep health that is innate to all people of any age and conditioning level.

He can be contacted through @natural.mover on Instagram and through email.