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How to Use Swiping to Combat Nervous Fatigue

By December 14, 2018Uncategorized
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What is Swiping and Why Do It?

Dr. Luke Mattison, a Master Full Motion Chiropractor at Human Garage, comes from a family of chiropractors. In fact, he received his first adjustment at only a few weeks old. Dr. Luke uses his knowledge of the intricate connections in the body to realign it from head to toe, helping to reverse wear and tear that builds up over time. He focuses on addressing that wear and tear before it manifests as pain.

Many times, the wear and tear manifests first as neurological, or nervous system, fatigue. Unexpected weakness in a handshake is one example that Dr. Luke uses as a tell-tale sign of nervous system fatigue. Self-care, in the form of “swiping,” can be used to re-invigorate the nervous system and restore balance.

In this video, Dr. Luke demonstrates the swiping technique and the order in which to progress through muscle groups for a full-body re-balancing and re-invigoration.

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Human Garage
Unlike traditional modalities for managing pain, we find and treat the origins of your misalignment to maximize your body’s innate capacity to heal.

At Human Garage, we are not your standard wellness center. We pursue the power of alignment to get your mind and body functioning and moving better. How? We use our intimate knowledge of the internal fascial network to locate where stress, trauma and tension is being stored in your body—the underlying origins of your misalignment. We then systematically release those areas to get you on the path to optimal alignment.

Our approach is based on a sound belief in the connection between body and mind. We offer a variety of services that work in tandem to bring both back into balance.

In addition to our Full Body Release + Realignment, we offer ongoing personalized Motion Retraining, Rehab + Performance Optimization plans to help clients who want to continue performing at an optimal level, or who are recovering from injuries, surgeries and chronic pain.

No wellness plan is complete without addressing nutrition. Our Nutritional Alignment Specialists can help identify any internal chemical imbalances due to poor hydration or dietary/lifestyle habits.