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How to Find the Right Gym for You

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Choosing a gym might seem as simple as getting on Google or Yelp and finding a gym that’s easy to drive to. But beyond geography and reviews, there’s more you need to consider when choosing a gym if you want it to be a long-term and successful relationship.

Things you need to observe and consider when choosing a gym:

  1. The gym members: Who attends this gym? What is the community vibe? Does it match with your goals?
  2. The gym management: Who runs this facility and what are their priorities? Do they align with yours?
  3. The cleanliness of the gym: You go to a gym to get healthy, not come home with bacteria. How does the gym look and feel in this regard?

Before committing to a gym, get a day pass or a week pass to really experience the culture, the management, and the general state of affairs. Ask yourself honestly if it feels like a good fit and if it is in alignment with your goals. The better a match for you your gym is, the more likely you’ll be to keep showing up and doing the work. In an ideal world, you’ll tap into a community that will motivate you and hold you accountable.

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Eric Stevens
For the past seventeen years, Eric Stevens has established himself as a leading fitness professional, consultant, writer, presenter, and television personality. Currently, Eric is the Fitness and Membership Director for the Allegria Spa & Club at Park Hyatt in Avon, Colorado.

In addition to his extensive fitness experience, having managed, coached, and trained in the private health club and non-profit industries, Eric has been a long-time instructor of Western boxing, most recently as boxing coach for the Denver Athletic Club. In 2011, Eric was selected to serve as a trainer in the nationally televised series I Used to Be Fat on MTV. Eric is also a published author and regular contributor to Breaking Muscle, Muscle & Performance, and Whole Life Challenge.

Eric is originally from Portland, Oregon and is a graduate of the University of San Diego. Since 2003, Eric has been a nationally certified personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).