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How to Break up Your Workday with a Simple Total Body Reset

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If you work at a desk or sit for long periods, breaking up your workday with frequent movement is one of the most important things you can do for your body. This series of exercises, called “the total body reset,” is a quick and accessible way to accomplish that goal.

While it takes only a few minutes and requires no equipment, the total body reset will stimulate circulation throughout your body while “resetting” your hips, spine, and neck.

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How to Do the Simple Total Body Reset

  1. If you are wearing high heels, remove them. This sequence can be done wearing flats, but barefoot is ideal.
  2. Locate a door, door jamb, desktop, or other solid object or surface to assist in keeping your balance.
  3. Stand up nice and straight. Line your shoulders up over your hips, hips over your knees, and knees over ankles.
  4. With your feet parallel, push up onto your toes. Take care to keep your body straight as you rise up. Repeat 10 times.
  5. Look down and make sure you can see your toes in the top position. That will let you know your body is straight and help you get the most out of your efforts.
  6. Repeat step 4, but with your toes pointed outward instead of feet parallel. Do 10 repetitions.
  7. Repeat step 4 one more time with your toes pointed in, touching in the center. Do 10 repetitions.
  8. Enjoy feeling re-energized!

Maryann Berry
At the age of 27, Maryann Berry suffered from chronic hip pain that left her in a wheelchair, even after consulting with over twenty healthcare professionals and undergoing invasive hip surgery. Today, Maryann is fully recovered and has been wheelchair free for years.

Maryann, who is currently certified as a Posture Alignment Specialist, created Realign as a way to empower others to take responsibility for their own health the same way she did. Maryann works with people one-on-one both digitally and in-person at her studio in San Diego, California.

To learn more about Maryann's programs, visit Realign Therapy. Maryann is also the founder of The Posture Workout a revolutionary online form of Posture Alignment Therapy that makes this method easily accessible for everyone.