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GMB Fitness 10-Minute Workout: Week 1

By January 20, 2017Exercise and Workouts
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Welcome to this eight-week video series brought to you exclusively by Whole Life Challenge in partnership with GMB Fitness. Each week, coach Ryan Hurst will teach you a workout designed to improve your strength, flexibility, and body control. These workouts are optional and are simply one of the many ways you can accomplish your ten daily minutes of exercise.

Each week, I’m going to teach you a new full-body workout you can do in ten minutes a day. In the beginning, we’ll focus on building better body awareness in each movement and building basic strength. Over eight weeks, we’ll gradually increase the complexity, difficulty, and range of motion until you’re rocking out a fun, full-body workout you can be proud of.

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Instead of cranking through the movements and counting reps, our focus will be to make each rep of each exercise as pretty as we can during our allotted time. This approach will help prevent injury and ensure you get better results from your hard work.

Some of the movements might already be familiar to you, but you probably haven’t explored them in this much detail or depth. Remember to take it easy and listen to your body. If you experience pain, then either slow down or take a break. You are on your own fitness journey — so don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Week 1 Exercises:

  • Plank Hold — Practice the set-up. Shoulders over the hands, hips over the knees, toes on the floor. Push your heels back into the top position. Are your shoulders still over your hands? Is your butt too high? Practice this move.
  • Half Squat Hold – Only go down as far as you can comfortably while maintaining form.
  • Table Hold – Focus on keeping hands and feet flat on the floor with chest up.

Week 1 Workout:

3 rounds:

  • 30 seconds on
  • 30 seconds off

A “round” means you will hold your plank for 30 seconds, then rest for 30. Then hold your squat variation for 30 seconds, then rest. Then hold your table for 30, then rest.

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Ryan Hurst
Ryan is a Co-Founder and the Head Coach at GMB Fitness. After a training accident ended his competitive gymnastics career, Ryan moved to Japan and competed in various martial arts until another injury made him reevaluate his priorities in life. As Head Coach at GMB Fitness, his mission is to show everyone that you can define your own fitness as a sustainable and enjoyable part of your life.