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52: Danielle Harlan – On Leadership and What It Means to Be Successful

By May 29, 2016Podcasts
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Leadership has changed — or at least what it takes in today’s world to be a great leader. Life today is very different than it was even just twenty years ago. And if you want to be an effective leader of your team, group, or company, knowing how to roll with those changes is critically important.

My guest this week, Danielle Harlan, has committed her life to this subject. She brings some fascinating insight to a topic that effects many of us in our lives — being a better leader in the modern world.

Danielle Harlan: On Leadership and Success

Her passion to maximize human potential comes from preparation, planning, and passion — daily keys to living a life of fulfillment. Through her Center for Advancing Human Leadership and Potential, she breaks the misconceptions of being in charge with what “new” leadership actually looks like: letting go of control, accepting failure as a chance to learn, and staying true to core values no matter what.

Whether leadership is in the workplace or in the home, Danielle’s model is more team player than authoritarian figure as she reminds listeners to surround yourself with people you aspire to be like. Interaction and contribution is key, because a community-based team with purpose can achieve far greater than an individual.

Check out the podcast as she talks about having a sense of clarity in your pursuits, a highly efficient routine, the lasting benefits of mentorship, and growing up in the serenity of Big Sur. Get beyond yourself, enjoy the journey, and find what the definition of success is to you.

Be sure to check out Danielle’s upcoming book release The New Alpha, slated for September 2016, and connect with her in the meantime for some daily nuggets on Twitter and Instagram.

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Lucia Lodge – The Big Sur lodge run by Danielle’s family.

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