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7 Short Yoga Flows to Solve All Mobility Woes

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If only there were a simple and quick way to solve that pain in your…neck? Back? Head? But there is! Thanks to our friends at YogaWorks we have seven amazing follow-along videos that are guaranteed to target one or more of your problem areas.

Each of these videos is ten minutes or less in length. Most require little to nothing in the way of props or equipment, and all take very little space. That means you can do these at work, at home, in the gym, or out in the park as you enjoy the fresh air.

Note: If you’re new to yoga, don’t be afraid — these short videos are a perfect way for you to explore this mobility and movement practice. Just find some open floor space and have a belt or towel on hand, as well as a stack of books. Our instructors will explain modifications for all body types and flexibility levels.

1. 10-Minute Hip Flexor Stretch to Alleviate Low Back Pain

Your hip flexors may be on the front of your body, but they play an important part in your back health. One hip flexor, in particular, has a direct impact on your lumbar spine. Once you understand this anatomy, then it’s easy to see how a tight psoas can result in back pain. One way we can either avoid or alleviate that tightness is to regularly stretch our hip flexors and quads. Follow along with this video to learn how:

2. Mobilize Your Hips and Get a Better Squat in 10 Minutes

Tight hips not only sabotage your squat depth, but they can also have a negative impact on your lower back. Conversely, having good mobility in your hips is great for your lower back health and helps you hit PRs when you’re under the bar. But if you’re a runner or you spend a good portion of your day in a seated position, then it’s likely your hips are plotting against you. Watch the video to release your hips and your athletic potential:

3. Quick Relief for Neck Pain and Shoulder Tension

Many of us collect stress and tension in our shoulders and neck. That tension may come from a hard workout or from a hard day at work, and can result in headaches, a tight upper back, and a lack of shoulder mobility. In this video, instructor Sarah Ezrin takes you through a series of simple postures and stretches to combat tightness in the upper back and neck. Click here to watch and follow along.

4. De-Stress, Mobilize, and Reenergize With Some Quick Yoga

Looking for a full-body wake-up and  burst of energy? Click here to follow along with this sun salutation sequence. My favorite part of sun salutations is actually the breathing. While my body always feels energized after these movements, so does my brain! I feel better able to concentrate and think clearly. It’s great quick way to kick-start my day or jump-start my afternoon.

5. 10 Minute Stretch for Tight Hamstrings

When most of us say “hamstrings,” we’re actually referring to a group of three muscles on the back of our thighs. If you sit all day at a desk and/or spend a fair amount of time driving, then you are especially at risk for these muscles getting tight. This can lead to back pain, hamstring strains, and less-than-optimal performance in the gym. But we have a fix for that! Click here to follow along and fix those cranky hammies.

6. Maximize Your Rest Days With This Mobility Sequence

Not every day should be a go-as-hard-as-you-can exercise day. Although that feeling of having given it your all is rewarding, ironically, the best tool you have for powering up your ability to go hard is to sometimes go light. In this sequence, there are only two stretches, but you’ll spend an extended time in each. While it may not seem like you’re “doing” a lot, you are actually performing quality mobility work — and getting some “active recovery” time for your brain, as well.

7. Yoga to Fix Neck and Back Pain

The spine is what links our whole body together, so it’s a great thing to focus on during your mobility sessions. In this video, Sarah Ezrin takes you through a series of twists, extensions, flexions, and side bends to create mobility in your spine and release tension. If you tend to hold tension in your neck and/or have lower back pain, this video will be an especially great one for you. Click here to follow along and get some much needed relief.

Do One Video Each Day This Week

Remember: your goal in mobility work shouldn’t be to become the most flexible person ever. Most of us have no hope of that, in fact! Instead, your goal should be to become comfortable in your body and free in your movement. If you commit to practicing mobility for ten minutes each day, you can achieve that comfort and freedom. Try one of these videos each day this week and see what happens.

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