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5 Seated Stretches to Open Your Hips and Close Your Day

By March 15, 2023Mobility and Yoga
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If you spend your day sitting in a chair, a great way to balance out your body is to spend your evening sitting on the floor. Here are five simple seated stretches that you can do before bed or while you’re watching television. You can do one, you can do them all, or you can flow from one to the next. Aim to spend a solid ten minutes stretching each evening, whether you spend all ten on one of these positions or a couple minutes on each.

Watch the video for instructions on how to do each of these properly and get the best stretch possible. You may be surprised how some of these “simple” positions are actually challenging when you try to sit in them for an extended time:

  1. Sitting with legs crossed
  2. Side sitting
  3. Straddling
  4. Kneeling
  5. Squatting

For each version I share adjustments to make them more or less challenging. Remember that while stretching may be uncomfortable, it should never be painful. Be patient in your mobility practice and don’t push too hard. Consistency in your mobility practice is more important than pushing your intensity in any single session.

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