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10-Minute Leg and Hip Mobility Practice

By August 8, 2022Mobility and Yoga
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This is a leg and hip mobility practice that I myself do regularly. In it, you will only do two drills. You will hold them for a long time, rather than moving through a variety of exercises or stretches. The focus of this practice is quality, not quantity.

Watch the video for demonstrations of beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions of each stretch. You can do all of these at home, in a hotel room, or in a gym. (And by the way, if your little one is as curious as the little on in our video, have him or her join in — get some quality time and make healthy movement a family priority.)

The two stretches are:

  1. Pigeon Variation – Focuses on the hips, glutes, and side of your leg
  2. Couch Stretch – Focuses on the quads, hip flexors, and front of your leg

Hold each stretch for 2.5 minutes per side. Hang out and explore each position. Your mind will appreciate the break, too. Give this a shot every day for just ten minutes. After a few days, I promise that you and your body are going to love this new habit.

Remember: Listen to your body when you’re stretching and don’t try to do what someone else is doing if it’s not right for you. Mobility and flexibility take daily practice and should not be rushed or forced.

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