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1-2-3 To Do: Lifestyle Practice

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The next Whole Life Challenge starts in:

Your Lifestyle Practice Is 1-2-3 To Do

Every day, you will start the day by making a list of ONE thing that you must get done, TWO things that you’d like to get done, and THREE things that would be nice to get done. By the end of the day, you must have completed the ONE thing that you said you must get done.

  • You must make the list AND complete the top item each day to get credit for the Lifestyle Practice
  • You do not have to complete the “like to get dones” or “nice to get dones” to get credit for the practice

What is the difference between ideas and concrete realities? The difference between your thoughts and your actions? Hopefully it’s becoming pretty clear that what we’re doing here has a lot to do with what you do, and less to do with what you believe.

New Call-to-action

It’s been said that belief is not necessary to begin anything. Your internal experience, while important, has no impact on the world outside your head without action. Theories are great. Thoughts are brilliant. Debates are lively and fun. And everything stays in committee until someone puts something into play. You could ponder the best way to cook a chicken all day long, but no one eats until someone puts one in the pot.

Eight weeks may seem like a long time, but it really is a short time to get some good work done. So coming up next, we’re gonna get some practice in taking some purposeful action right away. You’re going to get in the habit of identifying what’s important and what’s not, and prioritizing getting the important stuff done.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll start putting into action the things you’ve been thinking about but just not getting done. Our next lifestyle practice is all about getting down to business.


Photo Credit: “To Do Public Art in Dumbo” by Amit Gupta – Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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Michael Stanwyck
Michael Stanwyck is the co-founder of The Whole Life Challenge, an idea that developed during his seven years as a coach and gym manager at CrossFit Los Angeles.

He graduated from UCLA with a BA in philosophy as well as a degree from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, and feels food is one of the most important parts of a life - it can nourish, heal, and bring people together.

Michael believes health and well-being are as much a state of mind as they are a state of the body, and when it comes to fitness, food, and life in general, he thinks slow is much better than fast (most of the time). Stopping regularly to examine things is the surest way to put down roots and grow.

He knows he will never be done with his own work, and believes the best thing you can do for your well-being starts with loving and working from what you’ve got right now.