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Trimble: How 1 Company Uses the WLC to Do the Most Good

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In our “Do the Most Good” series, we highlight amazing WLC team leaders. These are people who motivate, support, and inspire others to get the most out of the life-changing experience of the Whole Life Challenge. By helping others achieve their dreams, they are doing “the most good.” And who wouldn’t want more good in this world?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” ― Margaret Mead

What’s Your “Secret” to Crushing This Team Leader Thing?

With over 11,000 employees and 39 offices worldwide, Trimble got its start as the first commercial GPS company. Their motto “transforming the way the world works” is present in all that they do. They rethink and transform the way work gets done in industries like agriculture, construction, rail, and environmental solutions.

Trimble: How 1 Company Uses the WLC to Do the Most GoodWith a motto all about transformation, it’s no wonder that Trimble’s Westminster, Colorado, office decided to play the Whole Life Challenge in April 2019. With their super-engaged and committed Team Captain, J.R., leading the way, they planned for success with multiple WLC-oriented stand-up meetings throughout the six-week event. They upped the ante by also including healthy competitions within the office.

All the while, J.R. kept his eye on the stats — like average daily score and attendance percentage — and challenged the members of his team to help raise the Trimble teams’ standing within the larger, worldwide WLC community.

And the Results for Trimble?

Well, here’s what members of the Trimble team had to say at their latest WLC stand-up:

  • “I have fought what I thought to be asthma since I was a child, I learned with the WLC that I have an allergy to cheese and without it in my diet I can breath and walk stairs without struggling!”
  • I am a type 2 diabetic and the WLC challenge has helped me lower my glucose scores by on avg 60 points and for the first time in 10 years I had a score below 100!  If I keep it up I can look forward to reducing some of my medicines.”
  • The reflections have helped me to realize I have a great life and will continue to help me appreciate everything I have and do daily.”
  • “The 7 Habits have taught me that small failures in diet or hydration are not the end of the world, and allow me more success than failure in a normal day.”
  • “Amazing how bad I feel when I do break the diet and its teaching me I don’t need all the sugars in everything I eat.”

And, according to J.R., there were many, many more stories of realization, change, and improved health and wellness. So, kudos to Trimble for practicing transformation not only out in the world — but at home with their own community, as well.

Jenna Gruttadauria
Jenna is a wine-drinking, jewelry-making, dog-loving, snowboarding, running, beach-going, fun-loving soul whose heart beats for the city.

With an unshakeable entrepreneurial spirit and unrivaled work ethic, Jenna spent years working in the restaurant industry, developing her love of food and wine. Inspired by the king of all concrete jungles, New York, Jenna started her own successful fashion business, which moved her to the sunnier skies of Los Angeles, California.

A once self-proclaimed foodie who could never give up bread or cheese, she’s now welcomes the healthy, clean living lifestyle that California and the WLC make so easy. And she loves to take the recipes of her former life and transform them into healthier versions.