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Post-Run Stretch: 10-Minute Follow Along Yoga Flow with Sima

By January 5, 2018Mobility and Yoga
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Welcome to my eight-part yoga flow series! Each of these videos will be presented in a follow along format, so all you have to do is hit “play” and join me in a free yoga class. We will focus on something a little different each time, but you’re guaranteed to get both a great workout and a rejuvenating mobility practice.

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Post-Run Stretch: 10-Minute Follow Along Yoga Flow with Sima

This is a great yoga practice to do after a run or a workout. I’ve run everything from a 5K to a 50K, but right now I am dealing with a knee injury. When I had my baby, I neglected my pre-run and post-run stretching, and I believe that contributed to my knee problem. So, here is a post-run stretch (or post-workout stretch) to help you avoid injury in your training.

Note: Remember these poses and sequences are modifiable. The best movement practice is one that feels good to your body. Feel free to take a break any time, sit back into child’s pose, or adjust the movements to fit your body better. Over time you will see your strength, stability, and flexibility grow.

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Sima Tamaddon
Sima is a wife, a mother, a yogi, and an active person found sweating more often than not. She is content with the person she is, yet is also a work in progress.

Her goal in teaching yoga is to help others achieve balance, physically and emotionally. Feeling the pull of daily life and the chaos that has become the norm, she tries to squeeze in practices that will leave you feeling your best.