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Short Follow-Along Hip Mobility Flow

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The hips are the center of our power and impact our movement in a major way. If you sit all day, or even stand at a standing desk all day, then it’s likely your hips are tight. This can cause back pain, postural issues, a loss of athletic potential, and a lot more.

For such a big problem, hip mobility is surprisingly simple to fix. (Note: it is simple, not easy.) This ten-minute flow will walk you through a series of intermediate to advanced movements to help restore and expand the potential in your hips. We will start with the wrists and slowly build up into a sequence from there.

Remember each human body will move a little differently. You will see that both of us in this video are different shapes and move through the transitions in slightly unique ways. Listen to your body as you follow along, don’t let your ego into your practice, and keep your training productive.

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Keira Newton
Keira Newton is one of the foremost leading experts on kettlebell training, and is one of only two women in the world who hold the title of Master RKC. With over 10 years of experience, beginning with her Feldenkrais certification in 2001, Keira has seen it all and has worked with every type of client — from chronic couch potatoes to elite athletes.

As the mother of two girls and the owner of Dynamic Fitness in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Keira balances her hectic schedule with her own personal brand of daily yoga practice. This daily practice combined with her decade of mobility and fitness coaching have made her an authority on helping people reach levels of flexibility they never thought possible.

Keira has helped men and women all over the country achieve and even surpass their health and fitness goals with her straight-shooting coaching style and keen eye for spotting what's holding someone back.