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Training Smarter as You Get Older

The 3 Steps to Training Smarter as You Pass 50


When it comes to training information, there has never been a better time to be alive. All the best authors and greatest minds are right there at your fingertips. Books, research papers, blog posts, and even forum posts directly from these authorities make learning easy. But the information is often pitched at one demographic — the twenty- to thirty-year-old male looking to be (pick one) jacked, super strong, or ripped.…

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The Walk/Run Program 2.0: Run for 60 Minutes Straight in 13 Weeks


Running is one of those things that most people either love or hate. Usually, the two camps are divided by one factor — skill.

The group of people who love running tend to have run earlier in life and picked up some skill at it. Like with many things, those who develop a particular physical skill early will often have a seemingly “natural” ability at it later, even if they don’t perform that task often.…

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Training for a Healthy Heart

The Best Way to Exercise for a Healthy Heart After Age 40


What would you give up to reach your strength goals? The internet is filled with inspiring videos and memes — “When you want success as much as you want air, then you will be successful” — and all that.

But are we focused on the wrong thing? As I’ve gotten older, two things have started to happen. First, I recognize the place training should have in my life, which means it is there to support the rest of my life not be the central piece to my entire life.…

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The fitness industry matrix

How to Escape the Fitness Industry Matrix and Get Healthy


Recently in the cycling media, a long-time and trusted source did the unthinkable. He spilled the beans on the house of cards that product reviews and magazines are based on.

The short version goes like this:

Magazines don’t really make money off you, the reader. They make money by advertising products. Most articles in the magazine are really ads disguised as journalism and more often than not money changes hands so that products are reviewed favorably against their peers.…

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Athletes Over 40

The Most Important Thing to Know About Training If You’re Over 40


One of the hardest parts about getting older is accepting that maybe things just don’t work like they used to. As the lyrics go, “I may not be as great as I once was, but I’m as great once as I ever was.” I know I can still lay the smack down in the gym if I want to and shame my younger clients – but they’ll be able to do it again tomorrow and I’ll need a few days off to deal with the consequences.…

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There’s No Such Thing as Pilates


Fitness is cyclic. What was once trendy will soon be forgotten, and tomorrow’s amazing new workout was probably first thought of a hundred years ago. Even in my short time, I have seen the rise and fall of many trends from bodybuilding to indoor cycling to aerobics classes to yoga and Pilates. Often these trends are driven by a few movie stars saying they use these activities to stay in shape.…

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BJJ for Functional Fitness

Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is the Ultimate Functional Fitness


Martial arts have been around for nearly as long as we have. From the moment one of our ancestors figured that there were better ways to swing a club or throw a rock, we started systematizing approaches to combat.

When I was growing up, my mother thought I lacked discipline. She probably also thought it would be nice to get me out of the house more often, so she enrolled me in a local Taekwondo class.…

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Fitness After 40

Fitness After 40: A Simple Plan for Life-Long Health


Not long ago doctors told people to slow down once they reached forty. To take it easy. They believed past that age the heart couldn’t withstand much stress and it was best to just put your feet up for the rest of your life.

Obviously things have changed, and we have a number of amazing humans to thank for it. Laird Hamilton and his wife, Gabrielle Reece, make a great poster couple for staying active as you age.…

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begin kettlebell training

The Best Way to Begin Kettlebell Training


There are a number of pathways open to people looking to begin kettlebell training:

  • Option A is with swings during a CrossFit workout.
  • Option B is by training with an RKC- or StrongFirst-certified instructor.
  • Option C is via corrective exercise work through systems such as the FMS with exercises like the get-up.
  • Option D is through girevoy sport, which is the sport of kettlebell lifting.
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