Change the way you live for 8 weeks(and you just might change your whole life)

May Challenge Begins May 20, 2017

How it Works

Each day, you'll get points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits.

The Habits work together to create an effect in your life that’s hard to overstate — after a few weeks, you’ll feel rested, energetic, present, strong, healthy (and perhaps even happier).

Even better, you’ll have a base knowledge about health and wellness that will last long after the Challenge ends, giving you the tools you need to build a healthier lifestyle for years to come.

Learn About the Habits


You can play the challenge by yourself or on a team with friends, family and co-workers and you’ll climb the scoreboard as you make progress.

Entering your score is super simple —

you can use the iOS app or the WLC website.

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The Best Part—
We Don’t expect you to be perfect.

While the Whole Life Challenge provides rules and guidelines for best results, we still want you to experience life. This means you’ll sometimes give up a point or two doing the things you love — and that’s okay. Read the Philosophy of Imperfection.

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Fish Tacos for People Who Love Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos for People Who Love Fish Tacos

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I am a sucker for fish tacos. But I’m not really down with beer-battered anything. Or this week’s “white fish.” Or chipotle-flavored, vegetable oil-based sauces. And so I build my own. This recipe is the result of that effort, and it’s Whole Life Challenge-compliant on any level that allows corn tortillas. If that’s not cool with your current plan, you can always make the fish as directed, slather it with salsa, avocado, and cabbage, and enjoy. You could also steal…

92: Mark England — The Surprising Tool You Already Have to Change Your Life

92: Mark England — The Surprising Tool You Already Have to Change Your Life

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  Mark England, the founder of Procabulary, has been on a life-long quest of self-improvement. Through a series of adventures (some intentional, others completely unplanned), he found his way to the world of language. There, he discovered the impact of the words we use on our actions and behavior. He found that language can influence behavior, and changing our language is the first step in changing our lives. After experiencing the incredible power of this language change for himself, he…

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Speed: Home Cooking Boot Camp Lesson 5

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Speed: Home Cooking Boot Camp Lesson 5

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When it comes to home cooking, most of us grab what we need as we need it: counter space, tools, or seasoning. In the process, we turn our kitchen into a hot mess. Even an experienced home cook will often leave a trail of wreckage as he or she puts on even a small dinner party. This mess can make it hard to motivate yourself to cook, which sends you down the slippery slope of grabbing what’s convenient and neglecting…

Daily Walking Meditation: Weekly Habit Practice

Daily Walking Meditation: Weekly Habit Practice

By | Health and Wellness

The Weekly Habit Practices are mini-challenges intended to help you fine-tune different aspects of your health and wellness. Offered between Challenges, these practices address fitness, nutrition, stress reduction, productivity, and personal connection — because health is about far more than food and the gym (and we could all use a little practice). Experiment with Walking Meditation This Week Simple Instructions: For the next seven days, walk for at least a half mile each day with no particular destination in mind….


The 1 Piece of Exercise Equipment Everybody Should Own

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What is the one piece of exercise equipment everybody should own? It’s lightweight, inexpensive, easy to store, and you can take it along when traveling to get a killer workout. What is it? A jump rope! That said, sometimes it’s not as easy to pick up the jump rope as it was when you were a kid. But don’t worry, it’s like riding a bike — it will come back to you. To help you get going, here are some…

Glycemic Index

What You Need to Know About the Glycemic Index

By | Nutrition, Cooking, and Recipes

If you are familiar with the “glycemic index,” you may know it as a phrase tossed around by various weight-loss diet plans. But the first scientists who studied the glycemic index of foods did not actually have weight loss in mind. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, these scientists wanted to help diabetic patients manage their menus in order to control blood sugar. Later, researchers contended that this kind of diet could also help people manage levels of…

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