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What I got was something I didn't think was possible for me. My newfound appreciation for health and fitness is … a testament to the … magic of the WLC."
Jami Gan
I [friggin] LOVE this challenge! My eating habits were terrible. Nachos, buffalo wings, a burger and fries (for lunch) and three beers/margaritas for dinner was my thing. Now, I'm on a total high. I love how my body feels and looks."
Cris Pernoll
I loved getting the compliments from friends and co-workers about looking better. I was amazed I actually started to enjoy running again. And I learned a ton about food choices. I thought I knew a lot, but I didn't."
Derek Vandenbosch
I was not expecting that it would actually affect my whole life and ripple into the lives of people around me."
Laura Strauss
You have the power to really change lives with this program.
Jennifer Reuting
The WLC changed my life. I now revel in the strength that my body has."
Kelly Plowe

What is the Whole Life Challenge?

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Make Health and Fitness a Game!

Like a good game? So do we! Turn your daily practice into a field of play.

Seriousness? Not required. Fun? Definitely allowed.

Be in action. Love your life!



Put it all on the line. Make new choices.

Practice. Show up, don't quit.

Shape your habits and then let them shape you

Man-training Women-training


When you get together with a team you enjoy friendly competition, benefit from the energy of support, and build your daily health and fitness community.


Oh my god! Thank you so much! If it wasn't for you I would have woken up in a pool of melted ice cream. UR AWESOME!

20 mins ago

We can do this! I got your back!


Hey, remember, tomorrow is a totally new day. It's all in the game ;)

Your Friends, Your Health, Your Life. Changed Forever.
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