April 10 - May 21

What is healthy to you?

We can help with that.

It's a 6-week health & well-being game

Playing for points in each of the 7 Daily Habits: nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, well-being and reflection.

It's not about earning a perfect score every day

(But that's not against the rules!) It's about having the courage to start and the willingness to change.

While we're at it, everything is better with friends!

Team up with your community, hold each other accountable for personal goals, and build bonds around well-being that last long after the Challenge ends.

The 7 Daily Habits

Don’t try to fit health and wellness into your life. Fit your life into the context of health and wellness.

The 7 Daily Habits

Don’t try to fit health and wellness into your life. Fit your life into the context of health and wellness.

Annual Memberships

Your health and well-being are at their best when you take care of them on a regular basis. Becoming a Whole Life Challenge Annual Member supports you in a year-round commitment towards your best life possible.

Here’s what you get…

  • 1-year membership
  • Goal-setting workbook
  • Year-round Learning Center access
  • Quarterly “Members Only” webinar
  • And more!

We’ve got a plan for you!

Do you enjoy playing the Whole Life Challenge but struggle figuring out what to eat or what to do for exercise during those six weeks? We’ve come up with the solution to that dilemma: a new set of 6-Week Plans designed by the co-founders of the Challenge!


You can play the Whole Life Challenge by yourself or on a team with friends, family or co-workers and you’ll climb the scoreboard as you make progress.


Just use the WLC website


The Best Part—
We Don’t expect you to be perfect.

While the Whole Life Challenge provides rules and guidelines for best results, we still want you to experience life. This means you’ll sometimes give up a point or two doing the things you love — and that’s okay. Read the Philosophy of Imperfection.


Our FREE e-books are designed to help you make the 7 Daily Habits a real and lasting part of your daily routine. Don’t wait for tomorrow…download one (or all!) today and get started.

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