The Whole Life Challenge

Next Challenge Starts May 7th

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week online, community-building, habit-changing game
that challenges you and your friends to create happier, healthier lives by making small, daily changes.


Playing with your friends and family, you’ll score points every day, focusing on 7 key areas of health and well-being: Nutrition, Exercise, Mobility, Sleep, Hydration, Lifestyle Practices, and Reflection.


How it Works

Get in the Game

Sign up, create a team, and invite your friends to play with you! This Challenge is all about creating an environment of support that can last long after the Challenge ends.

Measure Yourself

Get together with your team to take pre-Challenge fitness & body measurements. You’ll want to know where you started so you can say where you’re headed!

Embrace New Habits

For 56 days, make conscious choices around the Whole Life Challenge 7 Daily Habits. Raising your awareness and being consistent, even in small ways, adds up to huge rewards.

Focus on Action

Check-in to the website each day to record your score and connect with and support your teammates. Your keys to victory lie in accountability, support, and honest reflection.

Measure Your Results

Get back together with your team and repeat your pre-Challenge measurements. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel and perform after eight weeks of focused effort and teamwork!

Celebrate Your Achievements

Celebrate your achievements! When you complete the Challenge you may not even recognize yourself anymore. How you look, feel, and live your life are now completely designed by you!


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The 7 Daily Habits

What We Believe

We must do certain things simply to sustain our lives. We eat, sleep, move, and we connect. These are not habits: They are required. Without them, we wouldn’t live. While these activities determine whether we live, our habits surrounding them determine how well we live and the quality of our lives.
We believe excellence is a habit.

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The 7 Habits

We all want extraordinary results overnight, so we can be tempted by fads and snake oil. The reality is that overnight-change doesn’t happen. Even when it looks like it does, it almost never lasts. The 7 Daily Habits that constitute the Whole Life Challenge not only improve the quality of our lives, but also give us the foundation to eliminate habits that harm us.

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