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Registration for New Year’s Challenge Now Open

How it Works

Each day for the duration of the 6-week Challenge, you'll get points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits.

The Habits work together to create an effect in your life that’s hard to overstate — after a few weeks, you’ll feel rested, energetic, present, strong, healthy (and perhaps even happier).

Even better, you’ll have a base knowledge about health and wellness that will last long after the Challenge ends, giving you the tools you need to build a healthier lifestyle for years to come.

Learn About the Habits


You can play the challenge by yourself or on a team with friends, family and co-workers and you’ll climb the scoreboard as you make progress.

Entering your score is super simple —

you can use the iOS app, Android app, or the WLC website.

Download the app:



The Best Part—
We Don’t expect you to be perfect.

While the Whole Life Challenge provides rules and guidelines for best results, we still want you to experience life. This means you’ll sometimes give up a point or two doing the things you love — and that’s okay. Read the Philosophy of Imperfection.

Are you in?

Registration for New Year’s Challenge Now Open

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