For years, you’ve brought them fitness. (Perhaps the best fitness methodology ever invented.) And now it’s time for more.

The WLC is a community-driven Challenge that goes beyond nutrition and exercise, bringing 7 Daily Habits of health and well-being to your gym.

The objective: to show your clients that true fitness isn’t just about what they eat or how they exercise.  Instead, it includes diet and exercise, but then takes it to the next level with a 360-degree look at their whole life, including:

The end result is a tight-knit group, held accountable to each other, taking their fitness beyond simple health, and moving toward true well-being.

So What’s Different About This Approach?

None of the 7 Daily Habits are unique in and of themselves. Rather, it’s the combination of all 7 that’s so effective. We call it the Synergy of the 7 Habits. And you can bring it to your gym.


Supports intense exercise.


Improves the effects of good
nutrition while supporting exercise.


Improves mechanics, resulting
in more effective exercise.


Supports deep,
restorative sleep.


Reduces stress, improving
resilience and happiness.


Creates the intention to
change lifestyle.


Supports a calm, connected
existence that creates
happiness and progress.

Okay, Cool. How Does It Work?

The Challenge is simple. For 6 weeks, your members will practice each of the 7 Daily Habits. Every day, they’ll score themselves against each Habit — 5 points each, for a total of 35 points a day.

  • NutritionnutritionEat nutritious, healthy foods from your omnivore or vegetarian food list
  • ExerciseexerciseBe active 10 minutes a day
  • MobilizeMobilizeStretch 10 minutes a day
  • SleepSleepSleep for a duration you select, one that leaves you feeling rested
  • HydrateHydrateDrink ounces of water equal to your body weight (in pounds) ÷ 3
  • Well-BeingLifestyleLearn weekly practices to help you feel happier and more connected
  • ReflectReflectAt the end of each day, write briefly about how the day went

Here are the Changes You’ll See:

Across the course of 6 weeks, they’ll enter their score every day, climbing the
leaderboard as they improve. What will you see from them?

  • Improved attendance
  • Actual, legit body composition changes
  • More flexible clients with better mechanics
  • A core group of people with renewed dedication to the gym
  • Clients thankful that you’ve shown them new ways to pursue fitness (while keeping them accountable for the result)
  • A reputation for going above and beyond for your clients

Want more details about the game?

Check out the Quick Start Player Guide

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Sounds Rad. Why Should I Do it?


The Benefit to Your Clients

You’re taking things to the next level, and they’ll notice.


Member Retention

Clients who see real, actual change are likely to stay at the gym longer, increasing their commitment and becoming more valuable to your community.


Benefit to Your Bottom Line

Our revenue-share model (see below) is a huge win-win for the gym.


It’s “Plug and Play”

We take care of all the ongoing player support and scoring, so you can concentrate on what you do best — coaching your athletes.

Here’s How to Make it Happen.

You’ll sign up as an Affiliate (it’s free!) and then create a team for the next Challenge. As players sign up using your unique affiliate link, you will begin earning a share of the revenue at certain thresholds.

More Details on the Affiliate Model

Once you’re signed up, you’ll tell your members and recruit your team.  We’ll send you a bunch of materials to help (posters, social media assets, signup sheets), and your members will sign up at and join your team.

We’ll Support You

We send you everything you need to succeed, including access to a  special admin section that includes:
  • Daily Scores for every player on your team
  • An engagement chart showing you who’s falling off the pace
  • A downloadable email list so you can communicate with your team in your own way
  • A revenue center where you’ll see how much you’ve earned
  • A communication feed where you’ll see players’ reflections and post your own thoughts

Even better, we’ll support your players before, during and after the Challenge:

  • Player guides, nutrition lists, downloadable e-books, and a private Facebook Group (with over 18,000 veteran players providing support)
  • Access to a before-and-after self assessment, including your custom team workout
  • Regular content on the 7 Daily Habits from the WLC Learning Lab
  • Weekly emails meant to help them adopt the 7 Daily Habits effectively and quickly

How the WLC Produces Results for Other Gyms

“Not providing a space for people to address every aspect of health and wellness would be a mistake for someone in a position of authority in fitness, and the Whole Life Challenge is a really helpful tool to do that.”

Logan GelbrichOwner, DEUCE Gym

DEUCE Gym has partnered with the Whole Life Challenge for a number of years. While the WLC is a revenue stream for the gym, the more important benefit is the sense of community that the Challenge has created, which in turn, has improved member retention and satisfaction.

During a recent Challenge, the gym created a friendly competition that engaged both coaches and members. The result was that over 100 people participated, and the staff noticed some profound changes in the physical and mental well-being of those participants that lasted well beyond the six weeks of the Challenge itself.


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