Whole Life Challenge 6-Week Meal Plan

No more stressing about what to eat.

Introducing the new 6-Week Meal Plan for the Whole Life Challenge

Meat-Eater Plan
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Plant-Based Plan
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People who follow a plan get far better results than people who don't.

One of the greatest dilemmas we face is that we have so much food choice when we go to the market. Without straightforward guidance, it can feel impossible to simply know what to buy that will be filling, tasty, and healthy.

The Whole Life Challenge 6-Week Meal Plan solves that dilemma!

This is not a “diet” prescription of calories, portions, or macronutrient breakdowns. Rather, The WLC 6-Week Meal Plan is a flexible meal schedule with recipes that will make planning and cooking your meals easy and delicious.

What You Get With Each Meal Plan:

6 weeks of original dinners
Guidance on using leftovers to create something new for lunch
Daily menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
Original recipes for every dinner
Weekly shopping lists
Meals that have batch cooking built right in (meaning you get ahead every time you cook!)
Additional recipes for breakfasts and snacks

As A Bonus, We'll Also Include:

Official WLC Cookbooks with dozens of additional recipes:
  • The WLC Recipe E-Book
  • WLC 17 Best Compliant Breakfasts
  • WLC 2018 Cookbook
  • WLC 2019 Cookbook
  • WLC 25 Favorite Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes
Membership in WLC Meal Plan Facebook Community for connecting with others to exchange tips and recipe ideas

Meat-Eater Plan

Thanks to the huge success of our first offering, we've created a brand new follow-up 6-Week Meal Plan with brand-new recipes. This plan will bring more variety to your daily Whole Life Challenge eating. We've updated and simplified the format — you'll still get the weekly planning and lists, but you'll build your week's eating around Batch Sundays and weeknight dinners.

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Plant-Based Plan

All the benefits of our original 6-Week Meal Plan for our vegetarian and vegan friends! This is our first-ever 6-Week Meal Plan for plant-based eaters.

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Recipes to make it happen.

You don't need to be a master chef to execute on these meal plans. With some basic skills and equipment, we'll walk you through the whole meal from start to finish and give you all the instructions you need to put delicious meals on the table and impress your whole family each day of the Challenge!

Know exactly what to buy.

When we released our first meal plan, the most common request we heard was to add a detailed shopping list for each week. Well, we heard you loud and clear!

Each volume of the WLC Meal Plan will come with weekly shopping lists that will make your trips to the grocery store super simple and hassle-free.