The Philosophy of Imperfection

You Don’t have to be perfect. You just have to start.

At the Whole Life Challenge, we want you to build a lifetime of healthy habits —

Taking the small, sustainable steps that make them stick.

This means we don’t want you to worry about being perfect.

Rather, we want you to think about one day, one step at a time. You’ll think “What can I do to get my exercise today? To drink a bit more water? To eat one more vegetable? To be just a little bit better than yesterday?”

You’ll focus on personal improvement rather than absolute perfection,

Keeping an eye on your own scores rather than the leaderboard, on the long view over the short term.

You’ll aim for sustainability, and you’ll see the rules for what they are — a way to stay on track rather than a measure of your worth.

This means if you mess up and lose a few points — no big deal.

You’ll try again tomorrow, continuing the journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

This philosophy of small steps is the guiding light for all of our rules, and the true underpinning of the Whole Life Challenge — we’re about progress rather than perfection.

Ready to Play?

Come play with us, we’ll be imperfect together!