Nutrition-500x450“You are what you eat.” If that was as obvious as it sounded, you’d have no problem avoiding foods that are bad for you. If you gained ten pounds the day after you ate refined sugar, you would stop eating refined sugar. Because the impact of our nutrition is often unseen for months, years, or decades, it’s easy to give ourselves a pass.

There are foods that modern eaters indulge in that, when eaten as a foundation, are just bad for your body: Bread and starches, sugar, artificial ingredients, and junk food. When you eat them as a habit, you feel heavy, tired, sick, even depressed.

As soon as you start making healthy choices, everything changes. You feel light, rather than bloated. You feel clean and full of energy. You are proud of and satisfied with your choices.

The Nutrition Habit in the Whole Life Challenge gives you a structure and a measurable way to adopt food choices that give you the energy and enthusiasm to take on life the way you want to, rather than the way your body will let you.

We are all free to choose. We are free to indulge in foods that make us sick and we are equally free to make food choices that make our lives better. The Nutrition Habit in the Whole Life Challenge gives you handles on how to make your own choices in ways that give you everything you want from food.

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