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Lose weight with meditation

How Learning to Meditate Can Help You Lose Weight


I dropped my kids at their half-hour music lesson and said I’d join them inside in about ten minutes—I was going to meditate in my car.

“What do you do when you meditate?” asked my eight-year-old son. “Is it like this?” He put his thumb on top of his middle finger, palms up, and started chanting, “Ommmmmm, ommmm,” and then collapsed into giggles.…

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The Best 3 Habits I Ever Started + 1 Bad Habit I’ll Never Quit


I’ve gotten sucked into my fair share of extreme diets over the years. I always start off all-in, preparing meager portions of chicken breasts and steamed broccoli for the week on Sunday night thinking, “This is it! Perfect eating from here on out! Can’t wait for the new me!”

Then reality would set in.

I’d follow the diet perfectly for a week, but boredom and hunger would always cause the wheels to come off after about two weeks of this routine.…

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20 Minute Meal Planning

20-Minute Meal Planning for People Who Hate Meal Planning


One beautiful Sunday morning this past fall I sat in the bleachers at a local park, watching my son’s baseball game. On my lap were two pieces of paper. One was blank, the other read “Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.” I took a deep breath and picked up my three-ring binder filled with recipes.

“What are you doing?” asked a woman sitting next to me, the mother of one of my son’s teammates.…

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Your most important appointment

The Most Important Appointment You’re Missing Every Week


Take a look at your calendar. If it’s anything like mine, you probably see meetings, doctor appointments, family obligations, and deadlines. It’s exhausting to even look at, much less experience.

I have one recurring appointment in my schedule that’s not like the others. It doesn’t make me any money, it’s not something I have to do, it’s mostly pointless, and it’s almost entirely for my own benefit.…

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