You’ve learned and practiced the Whole Life Challenge 7 Daily Habits. Now, how do you manage them in your life? What choices do you make every day, and are the choices you’re making working?


That’s the question you will answer using the 4 Essential Elements for your health and well being.


How you move


How you eat


How you sleep


How you manage your consciousness

These 4 Essential Elements are the framework for the WLC Advanced Challenge.


What about it is “advanced?” The WLC Advanced Challenge puts the responsibility for making good decisions squarely on your shoulders by having you evaluate the appropriateness of your choices.

The WLC Advanced Challenge isn’t about doing more, going harder, or making things more extreme.

The WLC Advanced Challenge is about being more conscientious about the choices that you are making every day to effect your health and well being, and about making these choices more wisely.

During the Challenge, you will earn points each day for in these 5 categories:


Move your body the way it needs each day.

1 point for exercising.
Duration, intensity, type—your choice.

2nd point if exercise is appropriate or effective for today and long-term goals.


Eat well for your health and for your life.

1 point for keeping food journal.
Eat however you want, but write it down.

2nd point for staying 100% compliant to your chosen level

Note: you can only earn the second point if you complete your food journal.


Get the rest you need to be ready for each day.

1 point for taking action to improve quality or duration of sleep.

Take the same action every night, or experiment throughout the Challenge.

2nd point for waking up naturally, without the use of an alarm.


Sit and quiet your mind each day.

1 point for at least 5 minutes

2nd point for at least 15 minutes


Step back and see what’s changing and what you’re learning.

1 point each day for writing at at least a 25 character reflection.


The Original Whole Life Challenge was built on the tenets of a practice of consistency and persistence. For many people, the context for “advanced” involves doing more or training harder. We believe a more advanced path places an emphasis on being aware of the appropriateness of your choices.

The WLC Advanced Challenge is the next step toward mastery—something in which your understanding is required to earn full points.

You can live with someone else’s rules your entire life. That would be fine. You wouldn’t be punished or wrong and you would probably end up getting many of the results you want out of life. The WLC Advanced Challenge is an opportunity to learn how to take a higher level of responsibility. That’s the kind of freedom we’re all looking for.