Favorite WLC Snack

Red peppers.

I eat them like apples.

Winslow Jenkins

Customer Service

Winslow Jenkins is a freelance writer, coach, and life hacker living a beautiful life of his own intentional design. Combining his passion for knowledge with a desire to live the ultimate life, optimization is his mantra. Through constant self-experimentation in diet and exercise and keeping his eyes open for growth opportunities such as the Whole Life Challenge lifestyle practices present, he has built a healthy, happy, portable life in an RV with his wife Becca and two cats, Pixel and Dinah.

Winslow prepared for his role as Whole Life Challenge Customer Support Ninja with many years of health and fitness coaching experience, including a CrossFit Level I certification, a Brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt, two and a half years running a CrossFit box and MMA/BJJ gym, and running a team of personal trainers for a big box gym.

Winslow loves helping players to get the most from the Whole Life Challenge, so don’t hesitate to reach out to him with questions or problems!