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WLC Cheat Sheet

These are some of our most effective shortcuts for making the 7 Daily Habits a part of your daily routine — the tips, tricks, and strategies we’ve learned across multiple Challenges that make it easier for your to get your points, climb the scoreboard, and create the routines that will sustain you for a lifetime.


11 compliant recipes to set yourself up for success: We compiled eleven of our favorite compliant recipes into one tasty e-Book. Whether you’re in-Challenge or between Challenges, these easy-to-make recipes are delicious, nutritious, and will keep the whole family satisfied.

WLC Mobility E-Book

Sitting. It's part of life. At work, driving, binging on the latest Netflix series... sit happens. (And it's okay. It happens to us, too.) But all that sitting can make you stiff. In this e-Book, you'll find 11 stretches that will help undo that tightness, keeping you limber and mobile.

5 Proven Ways to Fall & Stay Asleep

A healthy life starts with good sleep. More sleep leads to more energy, less irritability, increased willpower, improved coordination, and a sharper intellect (and it's the simplest way to improve your days). Read this e-Book to learn five effective and actionable ways you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, starting tonight.

2018 WLC Recipe Book

Our team here at the WLC is continually looking for ways to make healthy living easier and more accessible for our community. Enter the 2018 Whole Life Challenge Cookbook. In this e-Book, we’ve included every single recipe posted to our blog in 2017—that’s 75 mouth-watering recipes in total!

Learning to Meditate

Are you stressed and overwhelmed? Meditation can help. Use this e-Book to find out what form of meditation works for you. The e-Book includes common types of meditation, handy tips and tools to get you started, and instructions and solutions for common obstacles.

8 Compliant Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

In this e-Book, we compiled eight recipes sure to satisfy your sweet tooth (while keeping added sugar to a minimum). Enjoy them all (including the outstanding Matcha Cocoa Bars), but remember — all desserts are desserts, and should be eaten in moderation.

10 Bodyweight Workouts to Add to Your Training Program

Let’s get physical. We compiled ten bodyweight workouts in one handy e-Book. Use the workouts as a fun addition to your current exercise schedule. If you’re feeling ambitious, try one every two or three days until you’ve done all ten.

WLC Approved Game Day Recipes

Because there’s more to life than beer and pretzels. To avoid completely derailing your healthy lifestyle during your Super Bowl party, try adding these WLC Approved Game Day Recipes to your pre-game, half-time, or post-game celebrations. You can’t go wrong with these healthier spins on game-day classics.

How to Avoid Another Failed Resolution

Your guide to making New Year’s goals that stick. It’s almost a cliché to say the majority of New Year’s resolutions don’t pan out. As a rule, they practically seem destined to not work. Ready to make a resolution that will actually stick? We’re about to show you how (and it has nothing to do with SMART goals).

21 Ways to Win at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. The word itself triggers memories of delicious foods, meals, and moments shared by family and friends in years past – a beautiful day filled with love, good company, and indulgence. Because of that, it's easy to go overboard. Which is why we created these 21 tips to help you keep the day in perspective while still enjoying the main point of the holiday: gratitude.

9 Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes

Enjoy these nine cocktail recipes—but, as always, please drink responsibly! The e-Book includes our stance on alcohol as it relates to your health, 9 cocktail recipes, including a little knowledge bomb on each classic drink, and ideas for how to customize the drinks to suit your own taste.


Interested in learning how to create a lifelong habit of fitness that you actually enjoy? You’ve come to the right place! Now, forget everything you’ve learned about working out and get ready to create a program that works for you.


Do you feel like life is a constant game of catch-up? It seems no matter how much we strive to get and do, society tells us we need to do or have more before we can be happy. Yet, despite all of this, many of us still don’t feel happy. So, if having, doing, and being more isn’t the answer to happiness…what is? Enter the Philosophy of Enough.