Our Response to COVID-19

Stay home, stay connected, stay healthy.

Let’s take care of what we can take care of—ourselves and each other.

Here at the Whole Life Challenge, we want to encourage you to stay focused on the things you can control and want to support you in letting go of the things you cannot.

These times present challenges, but also opportunities. There are limitations on what we can eat, how we can move, and how we can connect with each other. But there is also time to recommit to ourselves, our mental and physical health, our communities, and remind ourselves of what is truly important.

Difficulties are when we not only discover who we actually are, but they present the challenges necessary for substantial growth. Like coal to a diamond, we transform under pressure, and with the support of this community, we have no doubt that we can emerge from these times stronger and healthier than ever before.

In response to this epidemic, we have done the following:

  • Kept our registration price at $39 for the duration of registration
  • Extended our traditional 6-week Challenge to a 12-week Journey, to allow us to use this time and our resources to support health and growth for as long as this lasts
  • Hosted weekly calls every Wednesday at 2:30pm ET/11:30am PT to come together and talk about our experiences and provide coaching for anyone who could use support (link below)
  • Created a resource for Teens to help parents bring the principles of the WLC to their children while they’re at home and away from school (see WLC for Teens below)
  • Created brand new resources to help guide you through this experience using the practices and principles we use during the Whole Life Challenge (see Reframing and Daily To-Do(n’t) below)
  • Andy is doing daily live meditations at 11:15am ET/8:15am PT on Facebook, as well as live workouts 3 evenings a week
  • Invited our community make a donation to help support the Whole Life Challenge, its staff, and its community members

We know that as a community, we will get through these challenges with grace and humility.

At-Home Workouts

All 46 of Andy’s Living Room Workouts are available and easily accessible for players. With no equipment necessary, these workouts are a perfect way to get some heart-pumping exercise without leaving the house.

Weekly Calls

Whole Life Challenge co-founders Andy and Michael will be hosting weekly video calls on Wednesdays and Saturdays to talk about how we can manage our health and well-being during uncertain times. These weekly calls will be live and open to all of our players. These will be a great way for the WLC community to connect and engage remotely.

WLC for Teens

We finally adapted WLC for teens! We have been developing this idea for a while, although we raced to get this launched in response to these unprecedented times. While the kids are home from school, the Whole life Challenge for Teens is a great way for families to team up around health and wellness.

Join Live Workouts on Facebook

Andy is doing live 10-15 minute workouts every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET from his living room through Facebook Live. Join our Worldwide WLC Facebook Group and workout with Andy!

PDF Resource:
The Daily To-Do(n’t)

We developed the Daily To-Do(n’t) checklist to help you take (and avoid) simple steps (and traps) while you’re spending much of your time at home.

PDF Resource:
Reframing Worksheet

We developed this exercise on reframing to help you with some concrete steps on changing your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and ultimately, your experience.


Sign up today and join the WLC community as we stay healthy and connected during these uncertain times. Play with your friends, co-workers and family. We’re in this together.