Favorite WLC Snack

Red peppers.

I eat them like apples.

MIchael Stanwyck


Michael Stanwyck is the co-founder of The Whole Life Challenge, an idea that developed during his seven years as a coach and general manager at CrossFit Los Angeles.

Having graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy as well as a degree from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, he feels food is one of the most important parts of a life – it can nourish, heal, and bring people together.

For Michael, health and well-being are as much a state of mind as they are a state of the body, and when it comes to fitness, food, and life in general, he thinks slow is better than fast (most of the time). Stopping regularly to examine what you’re doing and how things are going is the surest way to put down roots and grow.

He knows his own work will never be done and that the best thing you can do for your well-being starts with accepting and working from what you’ve got right now.