Favorite WLC Snack

Red peppers.

I eat them like apples.

Lauren Cassady

Customer Service

Lauren is a Colorado native who found her way to Los Angeles, CA after college. After working in the fashion industry for many years Lauren was excited for something new and different. As a participant in the very first Whole Life Challenge with her gym, Crossfit Los Angeles, she knew she wanted to help others and teach them about her experiences. She has incorporated customer service in every aspect of her career, which is why her current role in customer service.

Lauren was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (an Inflammatory Bowel Disease) at the age of 14. After having many years of doctors prescribe her different medications she finally found that through the Whole Life Challenge, exercise, sleep, and diet has been the best remedy.

After being away from her home town for 8 years, Lauren and her husband, Ricky, recently moved back to Denver which was ranked number one for physical activity in 2016. They have a 2 year old daughter and newborn son.