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What Is the Whole Life Challenge?

The Whole Life Challenge is an eight-week, online, health and fitness building, and habit-changing game that challenges your players to create happier, healthier lives by making small changes to their daily habits. Played by more than 100,000 people in over twenty different countries around the world since 2012, the Challenge proven itself a highly effective tool for both individual well-being and development and community strengthening and growth.

The idea of the Challenge is this – spend eight weeks making small, progressive improvements in your daily habits, so by the time it’s over, you’ve created some solid results and habits that are sustainable for the long term. We created the Challenge especially for teams – groups of people who are on the same health and well-being journey together. That’s why it is so effective for gyms and fitness studios.

The Challenge serves as a tool for growth – for your clients and for your business as an event for member retention, community strengthening, and membership building. During the challenge, each participant focuses on the WLC’s seven daily habits (nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, lifestyle practices, and reflection), scores points each day, and supports their teammates along the way.

Players daily scores count both for themselves and their team, since each individual score contributes to the team score. On the leaderboard, teams are ranked based both on points and on “showing up” (checking in). This creates a context of both personal accountability and teamwork – and enhances progress for everyone.

The Whole Life Challenge works via a beautiful, easy-to-use suite of online tools, including team-specific pages for monitoring performance, communication feeds for providing each other with encouragement, an app for ease of play, and a leaderboard to help motivate results.


What Type of Group Typically Does the Challenge?

We’ve had teams as small as three and as large as 300-plus participate in the Challenge. We’ve had teams whose players were all members of the same gym, yoga studio, or spinning facility. We’ve also had teams whose players were located all over the world and were connected through friendships, business relationships or families. There is really no such thing as a “typical” team. No matter what size team you have, the best predictor of success is constant: a team leader who is willing and able to rally their gym or studio (and sub-team leaders/coaches) around the effort, building energy, momentum, and an engaged community around the Challenge.


Why Partner With the Challenge?

Partnering with the Whole Life Challenge is a great way to bring health and well-being to your community through a fun and actionable game. It’s also an opportunity to inject a shared mission, accountability, healthy competition, small-group leadership, and individual empowerment to your coaches and members. It’s an inspiring tool for improving the overall quality of life of your membership, and building “team” and camaraderie within your community. Via the Challenge, you will:

  • Have a direct and positive impact on your team’s health and well-being
  • Create an unforgettable group bond
  • Create a shared vision for personal improvement
  • Create a compelling, motivating and action-oriented event that can transform the lives of your gym members.
  • Make money at the same time


What Sort of People Do the Challenge?

The Challenge is beneficial for people of all age and fitness levels. We’ve had teenagers and octogenarians, triathletes and couch potatoes, weekend warriors and soccer moms, corporate executives, sales reps, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and writers. The Challenge works regardless of profession or previous commitment to health and fitness.


What Happens During the Eight Weeks of the Challenge?

You and your team will start by recording where you are at the start – with a photo, a measurable workout, body measurement, and self-assessment. Then, over the course of the eight weeks, you and your team members will record your scores daily in each of the WLC Seven Daily Habits: nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, lifestyle practices, and reflection. Your team members will support each other within your team’s dedicated WLC communication feed and in the WLC Facebook Group, interacting and providing social reinforcement in a close-knit digital environment. The daily scoring helps keep players accountable, motivating them to improve behavior as the Challenge progresses while providing a benchmark for success. Reinforcing this effect, you and your sub-team captains see all group members’ scores every day, allowing you to offer support if people fall behind and praise as they succeed. Throughout the Challenge, all of the action happens on our website and app, including daily score entry and monitoring, reflections, team interaction, and top-notch articles and videos from the WLC community. This means you and your sub-team captains are free to help your players rather than engage in time-consuming administration.


Will You Help Me Launch the Challenge for My Teams?

We’ll support you like crazy. Once you register, you’ll receive everything you need to create a successful Challenge. We provide:

  • All the promotional materials (including emails, web copy, and fliers) you need.
  • A complimentary entry for you (or your designated team leader).
  • Two additional free entries for anyone you would like to assist you.
  • A scoreboard unique to your team so you can see how everyone is doing day-to-day.
  • A private forum (communication feed) for your team to share, support, and give props.
  • The ability for your players to create one additional small, personal team (unrelated to your community) so they can easily engage with anyone else in their life that they want to who is not a part of your business.
  • An administration console that allows you to measure the daily and weekly engagement of your players to give you critical information you need to help them stay motivated, engaged, and in the game.
  • Instructions on how to create a meaningful start to the Challenge – a preliminary event, baseline testing, and measurements – that will help participants see where they’ve started, so they know what they’ve achieved when it’s all over.


What if I Need Additional Help?

We’re here for you. You can contact us via email or by using our Help Center every day. We pride ourselves on taking care of our partners. You are the lifeblood of the Whole Life Challenge and the reason we exist, and we go above and beyond to help you and your team succeed.


What’s This About Money?

We believe our partners should share in the success of the Whole Life Challenge (beyond the health benefits). For every team member you sign up beyond the first ten, you receive a 30% commission. This is an opportunity to benefit your culture and your bottom line, creating a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with the Whole Life Challenge and your organization. Because the benefits the Challenge can provide your community often increase with the size of your team, we’ve structured our commissions to reflect this. If you have 61 players or more, you earn 40%. If you enroll 120 or more people, you earn 50%. By the way, you’re not limited to people who are already clients when it comes to building your Whole Life Challenge team. Some of the largest teams we’ve seen have had fewer than 75 actual gym members, but because of the team leaders’ willingness to ask their members to invite others to the Challenge, those teams ended up with over 300 people enrolled. Those additional players were friends, family members and co-workers of the existing gym members (and were located all over the world). These business owners not only enjoyed greater success during the Challenge, but also found this to be a great way to increase their overall sphere of influence.


And What’s This About Free Marketing?

As an “official team,” you will become a part of our official team finder map. Anyone in the world who joins your official team will become a part of your revenue share. This is how even a small gym or studio can get to the bigger percentages, but more importantly, it’s a great way to identify new potential clients and spread your influence. Let your existing gym members enroll people from the outside for you! They’ll be more successful if their peers join them, and you will be, too.


How Do I Get My Business Started?

You can register for the Whole Life Challenge as a partner by clicking the button below. When you do, you’ll fill out some simple details and you’ll pay $99 for registration. This charge gives you some skin in the game, a small commitment toward launching the Challenge. Of course, you’ll make it back (and more) once your players start registering. (And remember: you also get three free entries with your registration – one for you and two for your staff.) After you’re registered, you’ll receive the support materials listed above as well as a bunch of additional advice, tips, and strategies for getting your team motivated and signed up for the Challenge. To begin your registration for the next Whole Life Challenge, just click the button below.