Congratulations on Completing the Whole Life Challenge!

Over the last eight weeks, you’ve accomplished something amazing. In a world that doesn’t usually focus on health and well-being, you’ve spent two solid months improving your body and mind. Be proud.

Now, let’s see how far you’ve come.


Complete the “After” Self-Assessment

To help you get a handle on how much your life has changed, we created the WLC Self-Assessment. It’s a simple, exercise that will give you perspective on the last eight weeks—what’s changed for you (and how much it’s changed). It will inspire you to keep going.

Here’s how to do it:

    1. To complete the Final Self-Assessment, you’ll want to set aside time to —
      Take your new body measurements
      Re-do your baseline workout
      Take an “after” photo
      Complete the Final Quality of Life Questions
      Reflect on your goal for this Challenge
      If you completed Phase 3 during the Preliminary Self-Assessment, enter your new blood work values


    1. Once you’ve done the Self Assessment, compare your answers one by one. Don’t worry about the numbers; instead, think about the magnitude of change. Do you automatically exercise when it used to be the last thing on the schedule? Do you avoid processed foods? Are you happier, more well-balanced that you were at the beginning of the Challenge?


  1. To navigate to your Self-Assessment:
    – Log in to the Desktop Site:
    – Click My Profile
    – Click Self-Assessment



We’d Love to Hear from You

Do you have a story you’d like share about your Whole Life Challenge experience? Please send it to us. Real life success stories are the true motivation behind the Challenge, and we’d love to hear yours.

Please email your story and photos to

From the WLC team, thank you for your commitment and determination over the last 8 weeks. In the end, we are you—we’re playing right beside you, trying our best to be better people, and fighting for change, just like you.

Congratulations on completing the Whole Life Challenge.