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Set Goals

Write them down. Hang them on the wall. You'll check back on these in 8 weeks. Wanna know what to do? Gotta know where you're going!

Get in the game

Invite your friends, build your team, and go for it!


Measure a baseline

We'll show you how.

You need to know where you're starting if you want to know how much progress you've made.


Check in daily

Earn points every day. Keep an honest eye on yourself. Track your activities, enter them on the site, and watch your progress.

Support your friends

Watch how your team is doing. Cheer them on, give 'em props! Compare your rankings on the scoreboard. You can do it all together.


Amaze yourself

Guess what? Eight weeks have flown by. Now, measure your baseline again.

It's okay if you want to peep your abs in the mirror. We do it all the time.

Fitness is a lifestyle,
A series of choices and habits.

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