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Healthy Life and Healthy Business

4 Tips to Having a Healthy Life AND a Healthy Business


Over the past few decades, it has become increasingly difficult to end up on the “traditional career path” many of us grew up expecting to follow. As a result, more and more people are foraying into the world of start-ups, self-employment, and entrepreneurship. Instead of searching for the perfect job or career, people are taking the future into their own hands and creating their own jobs.…

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I don't care what you think

I Don’t Care What You Think About Me


“You don’t seem to give a crap what anybody thinks about you.”

These were the parting words of a client as she fired me. This person wanted me to comment on some rumors that others had been spreading. I refused, explaining that as a rule I don’t talk about other people behind their backs – even when they are saying bad stuff about me.…

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Personal Development for Leaders: 3 Essential Practices


As a leader, you’re often called upon to do whatever it takes to look after your people. Leading a community or a movement is tough. It means a certain amount of selflessness, of doing the work to make it easy for them to engage, of taking the time to reach out and communicate, and of always thinking of them first.

The Tilt-a-Whirl Factor

Whether you’re leading your team at work, your members or clients, your network, your kid’s soccer team, your family, or your weekend hobby group, there is a never ending list of things for you to think about and do.…

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Unreasonable Things: A WLC Thought Leader Profile of Kyle Williams


Kyle Williams does unreasonable things.

A 38-year old Australian, Kyle holds several mountain climbing records of his own devising, none of them entirely logical.

In late 2013, he climbed all twenty-six of Australia’s 2000-meter peaks in forty-eight hours, covering more than 130 kilometers. During the effort (which he dubbed the “A2K”) Kyle suffered profusely, with sleep an impossibility and the weather non-cooperative.…

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5 Tools to Inspire and Engage Your Community


You’re a leader. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself this:

  • Do you have kids?
  • Do you have officemates?
  • Do have friends?
  • Have you ever tried to positively influence their lives or enroll them in an activity?

    Well, then you’ve acted on being a leader. Which also means you know how hard it can be. You may have a great conversation with someone about making a change in their lifestyle, and then the next time you see them they’ve lost momentum and gone off the rails.…

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    The Juice in the Overcoming


    The first time we did the Whole Life Challenge it was like a bomb dropped. Nobody knew what to expect.

    Our people, those first 150, knew they were being asked to put themselves up against something difficult. They knew it was potentially life-changing. They just didn’t know how hard it would be.

    Unspoken but true: deep down inside, they wanted it to be hard.…

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    More Than Another Nutrition Challenge


    I know what it’s like to be the busy owner of a busy business, hesitating to add something new to my plate for fear it will “upset the balance” I’ve worked so hard to create.

    Adding something new or different always feels like it could cause the whole stack to come crashing down. Of course, the right addition to the mix could relieve some of the strain, allow me to set aside some tasks, and offer me some much needed relief (while still getting things done).…

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    The Power of One


    I ran into an old friend and client, Tom, recently. The last time I saw him was a few years back, when he was still working out out at the gym I coached at and starting his own business.

    We caught up quickly on what was going on in our lives. He talked about running his business— his challenges, his plans, his hopes for its future, and everything he was doing to move all of that forward.…

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